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This was a rough week for me. I don’t recall feeling this preggo this early with the other pregnancies, so I am attributing this to the heat. Overall, I feel fabulous. I don’t feel sleepy tired, but man-o-man my body is reacting to the heat…. and especially this week. It did not help that I had 3 nights this week that I had to be out of the house for work. Nothing more exhausting than a full day out with the kids, and then having the day not over and having to drag myself out again for work. Wed. nite even had a long (long long long!!!) mediation to cope with between au pair and family and that probably was what officially did me in. Two extra hours at night, after a long day was rough. For the last couple of days there were threats of thunderstorms, and even still there has been no rain at all. It’s said that by the weekend we’ll break to the low 80’s and will be there all of next week, so I am very hopeful this will help a bit. Or August will be the longest month of my life really. I certainly would not mind this lil’ one coming early on if this is the case!!!

Aside…. hmmm…. D was playing with a friend today and I was able to take the boys to see the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. It was a super good movie and much fun to be doing something with the K-man. S fell asleep during the movie which was even better b/c I was not 100% sure he’d make it through the whole thing anyway. So I even got to enjoy the movie thoroughly! Was quite nice. Been out the garden a couple times this week and things are growing…. slowly…. and I mean slowly…. but they are growing at the very least. D just finished up her art class this week, and she’s done till the fall, in terms of classes. Now K gets his turn with a 1-day Orion class, and then a short-stint breakdancing class to follow. Hope he enjoys all as much as D enjoyed her art class. She is just a constant artist. Art is a part of each activity she does through the day. Each night I went out this week for work, I would come home to my desk completely covered in art work from her. Budding she truly is.

Today I was on FB and noticed a cool groupon deal that D is going to benefit from. She’s been wanting to ride horses lately and since the sport is pretty expensive, I’ve been debating on how to do that one. Well, the groupon was a 2 hour riding lesson and fitted helmet for super reasonable! When I asked her if she’d be brave enough to do it, she was SO immensely psyched it was awesome to see. So the plunge was made, and she will get a lesson before the end of the summer. I figure if she really loves it after that, we can try to figure out something more regular. But if a 1-time deal satiates, then it was well worth the adventure. So we’ll see how that one goes! She was so excited and bouncing around the house telling everyone she was going to get to ride horses! ; )

Job hunting has become truly daunting at this point. SBJ had a gig he was truly interested and wanted in. I think I wrote about the CVS position a bit ago, and we were awaiting an offer. The offer came today and it’s really pathetic…. yet again. However, he’s been to a few other shops (including the one right next to our house) and this woman has been talking about a higher position offer. So fingers are still crossed that something better can materialize b/c he really wants in on this company. I was so super bummed to hear the original offer with the original interview, but have to keep high hopes that something more will still come. When he’s wanted it more than any other position, something better has to materialize, I just know it has to. The process sure is daunting though, and I am super proud of him for sticking this all out. What a drag! To have to wait and wait and wait, and constantly going out to check in with people face-to-face. Yowzers…. He’s hanging tough and proud that he’s doing so!

This weekend is a FREE weekend! I’m over thrilled that it’s a weekend of freedom. As much as I thoroughly enjoy the family outings and adventures, it’s just so awesome to have a weekend where leaving the house is completely unnecessary, should we choose not to! It’s fun to stay in pj’s all day and play Wii, and just ‘be’. We are approaching a full moon, and I’d love to get to the next Full Moon Jam. We’ve missed the last one, and they are just super nice, when the weather is cooperating.

Next week we get a special visit from Aunt Jess. She’s in town (from CA) to get to a wedding, and the kids are thrilled that they get to take her to beach day with them, and then she’ll come over to henna my last preggo belly, and SBJ will cook us up some good gambian grub. They have been counting down that day for about 3 weeks now, so they are super duper excited.

We move into week 32 of pregnancy this week, have a baby check-up Wednesday and now move to a midwife visit every 2 weeks! Time is closing in quick! We have gotten all baby clothes out, washed and drawered. I just dug out my supply list (provide from midwife) and feeling the nesting urge to get out this week and get that collected. I think that could be a weekend task I take on sans kids, so that I am sure not to forget anything on the list! ; ) And, boy, when that list is bought, we’re literally ready for this lil’ one at ANY point! (Wishful thinking that it’ll be early!!!) None of the others were early. K was smack between 2 given due dates, D was only 3 days early, and S was a day late… all according to projected due dates. So I should not be setting hopes too high! But ya just never know! ; )

Alrighty… off to put up these swollen trunks o’ mine!

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