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Plans…. change

So…. our intended gypsy year is slowly dwindling. Well, it was obvious that this was likely the outcome once we planned/decided to travel only find out moments later we were pregnant. I think I, out the lot of us, held on the hope that we could still maintain the adventure concept, so perhaps I am adjusting to the changes the most. I am the type of personality to stick my guns when I decide something, so if/when plans change, I feel that I am truly pretty flexible with the changes. I am one to go with the flow with changes in life, and…. I am also the one to feel it the most. I like to see things through when they are decided. And yet I’m am truly open to the changed and altered path. I feel that if the plan changes, it’s for a reason…. I suppose it’s the initial desire to see a commitment through, but also the curiosity of the ‘what if’ that could have been if we saw this initial plan through… and…. the excitement to the new path that is laid before me due to the necessary changes.

Any rate, our gypsy year is clearly being pushed to a near future point in time. As the gaps between travel get larger and fewer adventures planned, we sat around this weekend and made brand new plans for the next six-ish months. We had our wonderful east coast trip this past spring-summer that led us back here to a summer on the beach, and welcoming our precious baby C to the mix. It’s felt like quite a whirlwind since then. I had a clear “plan” in place for when she was arriving and fall activities were kicking in, yet she had a plan all of her own. She arrived two weeks later than intended, and it has been non-stop pretty much since. It is only now that I’ve had some breathing time to recap, reanalyze and regroup.

We had hoped to be on the road once more by now, but that has not happened just yet. We stuck around to take a few more classes, connect with community, and get to know baby C’s temperament and personality. We were so eager to hit the road late November into December. I had mapped out this awesome adventure to the furthest, most southern tip of Florida. I found a wonderful National Park for us to explore in the Everglades, and many a stops would have made along the way, including a jog over to New Orleans as some point on the adventure there or home. As I was getting ready to click “book,” a revelation was had. I had picked K up from one homeschool activity in Niles and had to drive him over to Lincoln Square for another (a mere 25-30 minute drive), and it was at that moment that a revelation was had by all in the car. Baby C is just not going to make a 21 hour drive. She has trouble driving just 25-30 minutes without getting upset. Sometimes, she sleeps so well and it’s a very peaceful (if short) drive. Most often, however, she is upset and does not want to be strapped down. A twenty-one hour drive could take us nearly six weeks to accomplish. Not too much fun when stopping every few minutes to console or nurse.

So….. we sat as a family to regroup and reanalyz the options. We still really wanted to travel someplace at the very least. Amtrak is a nice idea, however the expense of that, plus lodging becomes way out of our budget. The same with Greyhound or flying. When you seek out other means of transport, more than half your budget is shot, you loose your flexibility to stop and see things along the way, and then you can only get away for such a short bit of time. (To me, 2-3 nights away is not really worth the effort… just to experience the warmer temps.) I found a nice little waterpark getaway on groupon that’s less than 3.5 hours away. Not the most ideal when it comes to wanting to experience warm weather temps, but at the very least, it will be a nice little getaway to cut up the monotony of what feels like is already the start of a very long winter.

We’ll travel the first week of December and that will be a lovely little getaway. A test-run on how a long drive would/will be with baby C. Then we’ll be back for the holidays and classes in January-February. The hope is that with baby C being much older by February, we will be able to do our southbound trip, be able to spend several weeks on the adventure, and get outta dodge for the yuckiest part of the winter (the part where it just feels like it will never ever end).

We’re excited with the new changes and decisions made. It’s always nice to have some sort of plan, and the flexibility to welcome whatever will come our way. One other exciting development (and another reason we only had the few weeks in December to travel) is that D got into this Young Entrepreneurs group and will be selling her wares at Made in Chicago in December! It’s a wonderful adventure for her, learning about business development and having the outside support of young women as well. It’s a very exciting and empowering time for her!

So…. now looking forward to a lovely, quiet Thanksgiving feast at home, and super fun little getaway with the kids.  I just hope I can grin and bare the amount of winter we will be here for afterwards!!! (I will keep the Everglades steadfast on horizon 🙂 )



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