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Philanthropists Unite! – Nakita Baby
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Philanthropists Unite!

This fabulous group of kids has really sunk their teeth into some true-hearted volunteering and caring about the world around them! I am so proud of these kids and all they are invested in. This current session at AJCW each of the kids chose a project/cause that they wanted to contribute to and then worked on ways to get involved. They are helping the wildlife of the Galapagos that is driven from their natural habitat; visiting and doing a tour at the battered women and children’s shelter, Between Friends, and collecting for their needs; doing  a work day at Springbrook Prairie controlling the overgrowth of unwanted species, as well as collecting for the Willowbrook wish list needs; collecting and donating for the elephants and pandas through the World Wildlife Fund; and donating to help protect an endangered species of tiger in Russia!

Now… if that weren’t a mouthful, there is more!

The kids will be preparing and hosting a bake sale to collect donations for each of their charities. They will be packing and preparing 30 lunches for the homeless at Lincoln Park Community Shelter. They will also get a work day in at SCARCE to help with their Super Crayon Project!


It’s been a wonderful session with these young Philanthropists! I wanted you to know what these amazing kids are up to, and perhaps you could reach out with a dollar or two to donate to each of their amazing causes. I know they (and I) would greatly appreciate it!

If you are not at AJCW on the day of the bake sale, or for the rest of this session, I would be happy to email you a list of their donation needs. Or if you are unable to help with the things needed, but could donate monetarily to their causes, I could accept paypal payments on their behalf. They will put it all to great use for the betterment of the world they care about!


Thanks much!





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