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Part of History – Nakita Baby
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Part of History

Not to long ago a newish friend from EHS approached me about a project she was working on. I had chatted with her quite a bit around the holiday time when she told me that she and her business partner were hired to do the international tree display at the Museum of Science and Industry. I was quite impressed. It was just a few months before that we were invited to their house to pick pears from her tree! Quite a nice family. Any rate, she emailed me the day before EHS/Golden Rule and asked if kids would be interested in participating in a project she was doing. They were hired by DuSable Museum to do a mural for the new Children’s Hospital. I thought it a fabulous opportunity, and quite fun for them. I was only bringing K and D with me to EHS the next day. The lil’s were quite tired and needing at home to veg with daddy. So I let her know that I felt my older 2 would like to participate. Of course, as soon as I let her know that we’d participate…. K tells me he doesn’t want to do it. I needed to beg and plead up until the photo shoot for him to do it. At EHS the next day, after classes, this friend took them out to the sidewalk and got some (several) shots of them doing different things. K was drawing on the sidewalk and D was playing instruments. I personally thought it was really cool to be a part of this process, and realized they may not realize just how cool this is until they saw the completed project. After the photo shoot K reiterates to me that he really did not like being told what to do : )

She took the photos of the kids, along with several other photos of other kids and put together THIS DRAFT/MODEL of their mural for their final painted project. Just a couple weeks, or less, have gone by and we got this email that the project was done already! I was so excited to see it! The photos were amazing, and I am even more eager to get down to the Radiology departments waiting room to see the mural live! And sure enough…. D was ecstatic about the final project. And K….. he felt a whole lot different after seeing it! He was thoroughly impressed at the work or art and feels honored to have been a part of it. Pretty cool opportunity and very cool final product. What a neat way to be a part of history!

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