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Parenthood – Nakita Baby
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The TV show… it’s become one of my new favorites to tune into. I appreciate each and every dynamic in this show and find it comical and relatable. I am not even sure how I first tuned into this show, but when the season premiere came on, I was kinda hooked. Haven’t had a show like that since I was addicted to the Thursday night line up that included Friends and ER. When Friends went off the air, I literally went into mourning. My brother bought the first 3 seasons on DVD for me for xmas one year 😀 . Then when ER went off the air… ugh…. devastating. That got to be such a good show, I was totally hooked on that one. In fact, I recall the day that S was born was a Thursday and we returned home from the hospital (same day) just in time for ER at 9pm! ; )

Parenthood is the new one. I really like the characters and each of the stories in each of the 4 relationships. It’s not overly dramatic, meaning they are not pulling on random ridiculous “life drama” to create the story line. Much of the show is just real life of parents in different family situations, and it’s totally relatable and realistic. Kinda funny too b/c I had not been hooked on anything since ER went off the air, way-back-when, so maybe it’s due time? Just did not think anything was on the air that would really hook me. Wondering if it’s worth looking at the other season(s) from/on Netflix. Seems like I am getting it from the beginning already, but there is at least one other season, if not 2. I’m not sure where I’m coming into things, but feel I’m pretty caught up too. I’m sure the other season(s) must be great to watch as well.

Wondering if there are any other great shows out there that people are addicted to and they’d highly recommend?

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