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Ok… so I’m hooked and done a little self-analysis on why I might be hooked : )

I did get through the full 1st season via netflix, to come to find out that I’m now caught up. I had not realized there was only one season prior to the one I’m currently watching now on tv. Found that out by googling about the show and not only found out that I’m in the middle of season 2 on tv, but that I could have also watched the whole stinking thing (season 1 to the present) online! Coulda saved my netflix picks for a real movie while catching up on Parenthood online! Ah, oh well.

Anyway…. I think I’m hooked b/c it’s the type of family I hope my family grows to be. It certainly is not what I had growing up, nor have now with immediate family, but hope to have with as my kiddos grow. I hope I’m well on my way. I think I am and hopefully not screwin’ up too bad. But I just love that these 4 siblings are so insanely close to each other, count on each other, and cherish each other, and yet they are all each so completely different from each other. Their lives are so different from each other, and yet the sense of family is so intense. Likewise…. the way they care for, look up to, and cherish their parents. The parents are so ‘real’… have had their own troubles, but yet worked/ing things out. The dad is a real kick (who couldn’t love someone named Zeek? : ), and mom is a good ‘real’ mom. She admits to her faults and the kids see that but don’t. If that makes any sense. They know she’s not perfect, yet in their eyes she just is (perfect). And when they have their weekly dinners with G’ma, G’pa, all the (4) kids and their families including the grandkids/cousins…. I tear up. I know… big sap. But really…. I just love those scenes and seeing how they see each other regularly (weekly/daily sometimes!), communicate regularly (in person!! … on the phone!!) and…. well…. family is #1 for each and everyone despite how totally different they all are. Just love love love it.

I think I’ve always longed for that, and aim for that. And hope…. really really hope that I will have that with my kiddos when they are bigger off in the world in their own lives. I would consider myself very accomplished (and a proud proud mama) if I can have that in my lifetime! ; )

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