Family Homeschool Summer Camp

What a fantastic day! We have this fantastic little group of moms and children who meet Mondays throughout the summer for our 2nd annual Family Homeschool Summer Camp. Today was our “Music and Movement” day and L did such a phenomenal job! She took us on a tour of the world through music. We reached several countries around the world (mapped out on a world map with stickers!) all through music. It was so much fun, thoroughly active and enlightening. We sang in Italian, and German. Danced to Caribbean… played peek-a-boo with scarves and clapped rhythms with spoons and rocks!

To add to it, I biked to class today. So with kids in tow, I was able to get a good 13 mile exercise in! I feel great, and the kids passed out by 7:30pm! Yippy! Time to putz around on the internet!

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Where to start…

This fantastic new revolution is just reaching my finger tips. I am most thrilled to venture into this new self-expression endeavor. Possibilities are continuously endless. Welcome to Jarjusey Kunda…

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We are on these incredible journeys called life. My goal always remains…. be open to all that comes my way. I am a stay-at-home mom of five amazing unschooled children and I’d characterize myself as a jack-of-all-trades as I tend to dive into whatever I find interesting; whatever I am passionate about; whatever my kids love and find pleasure in doing; and… probably most importantly… whatever we feel will contribute to the growth of our family as a unit.  As a Private Childbirth Educator, a Henna ArtistChainmaille Jewelry Artist, founder and operator of the Homeschool Youth Soccer League (HYSL), as well as co-founder, organizer and facilitator at AJ Collective Workshops, I feel my core strive is bringing community together.

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