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Onward! – Nakita Baby
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It’s been a very busy winter’s end and start to spring! Conclusion to it all however is that we are now onward and excited!













February brought about a very magical Unschoolers Platform week! This year was such a warm, heart-felt group of truly amazing people. It was a wonderful week of connecting, supporting, loving. I simply can’t put words to how fabulous our second annual conference went this year!

Proceeding the conference it was full-on-sell-RV time!
I had the Class C advertised most of the winter, but as you can imagine, the response during the winter was pretty minimal. No one quite serious enough to pull the plug. As the summer weather was coming about, dozens of people came out of the wood works! It was fabulous. Lots of calls, emails, texts, and showings. I even had offers coming in, but I was holding out for the right offer. March 31st we are just so lucky to have the right family needing, wanting, and able. The whole thing went just smoothly and perfectly. And it was then we quickly said goodbye to our 2nd nomadic home in just a very short while.













The intent after leaving brick and mortar in our mini van was to have the Class C. Once having the experience of the Class C and realizing with kids it would work ever-so-better to be able to separate house and motor…. *and* have a wee bit more space for the stuffs. There is just kinda a lot of stuff, even in the minimalist’s world, to carry along with 5 kids. So we learned quickly with our Cobra that we’d like to have a separate motor and home and that was the end goal with the sale of our then 2nd nomadic home.

We were fortunate to find exactly what we were looking for. We landed inside a 2016 Ford Transit 350 XLT which only had about 21K miles on it when we purchased it. It is a 12-seat passenger van with the tow capability to pull a travel trailer if/when we decide to purchase and tow one. But the brilliance of this vehicle is that we can maneuver the country very swiftly in it as the space is incredible. So we feel so-so-so lucky to have scored this great deal.

So yep…. conference in February, RV sale in March, and car purchase in April! It’s been busy. We’ve celebrated a 15th birthday, lost a tooth, shaved long curly locks, braces removed, explored gardens, forests, said goodbye to a dear sweet guinea pig, watched our dear sweet puppy grow, and all the while finishing up swim team, virtual job hunting, and enjoying the fluke warm days Chicago was willing to grace us with. We’ve had quite a few fun adventures (pics enclosed below), but the biggest, most obviously, was the prep to hit the road once again. We have all be itchin’ for quite some time now. We set a departure date and set all sights on the when. The biggest thing happened upon purchase of the car was that I opted to sign up to be a Lyft driver. I have spent the last three weeks working pretty much full time for Lyft to pack some money away for the numerous adventures we have in store for this summer. It was a massive change for all of us. I have never ever been away from the kids full time for employment, and they rallied and then some. I hated being away from them so much, and they did not care for me to leave. But we made the agreement that we’d see this three weeks through because the income was so immensely beneficial to all we wanted to do and see this summer (and fall).

After a very successful three weeks, I closed out my Lyft career last night, we packed up the car today, and hit the road. We celebrate a 9th birthday tomorrow and this little gentleman wanted to explore the Indiana Dunes for his birthday…. so we are not all that far from home. Which ended up being a good thing as it took a great deal of time to get the car packed up and ready to go today. And then, on top of the length of time we took to depart, it was pouring rain and dark, so we ended up choosing a hotel nearby and move into our camping spot tomorrow morning for a full few days of exploration.

It’s amazing to be back on the road! Looking forward to sharing the adventures with you here! Meantime…. here are some fun pics from our past few months!


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