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One week down… how many to go?

Ha… only joking there. But on a more serious note there is a huge sense of accomplishment having gotten through one week already! There is something so insanely stressful about keeping a newborn alive. Really… them figuring out the whole breathing thing, not to mention the breathing with the eating thing…. simultaneously. Oh… well and then the whole eating, breathing AND sleeping thing. M has a lot of improvement to go with that lil’ combo. She’s notorious for inhaling the wrong way and giving us all a little scare with that! Yep… It’s no wonder they sleep most of the day away…. Wish we could sleep through this phase sometimes too! ; )

But really…. M is such a little pleasure. Seriously the easiest of the 4 in terms of newborn stuffs. It’s been only one week, and yet a part of me feels like, “really… is that all?” It just has been pretty natural, a seamless entry into our family. Nursing w/o a hitch. Even when milk came pouring in, she just kept on chugggin’ and I did not even feel engorged for more than a few hours. Digestively she handled it like a pro. She sleeps like a champ. My personal recovery has been remarkable as well. I did “need” (was offered) one stitch which I gladly accepted b/c I felt it would help recovery (quicker), and it did. Already healed. No swelling, and body back to what it was. But now, on a quest to loose some more. But today I packed up the maternity stuff from my closet and moved the old clothes back in. And M just feels like she’s always been here. Hard to explain. A perfect completion of our lil’ family and thrilled to see who this little person becomes.

She’s given everyone their own personal smile already. It’s quite adorable. I feel pleased that the kids line up all day long to hold her, including S. Everyone questioned his ability to adjust to not being baby, and frankly…. he never really was. He’s always been the most independent of the 3 and I knew he’d handle this transition like a champ. He and M already have a lil’ bond there and I love seeing that develop more. D and K have started the bigger kid “why don’t you love me as much as you love them (S and M)” phase. Really only today… was the first I heard this all week. They had been doing just great, and really hearing this just once or twice out of them, I don’t really see it a red flag. But still…. something I figured would come from them vs. S. Overall they are pretty go-with-the-flow and everyone still on new baby bliss time.

M had her first sponge bath today. I had been holding out to see how quickly her umbilical stump would drop, but it seems to still be hangin’ in there, so I gave her sponge bath instead of full bath. She was a champ of course. I thought that might be the 1 thing that sent her squealing b/c I do notice she is cold easily and just loves to be snuggly warm. She shivered through much of it, but bright eyed, and happy. Got much of her peelies off, and she’s all shiny again : )

She’s been pretty alert the last 2-ish days, more so each day that passes. It’s fun to see her gaze around and absorb all of these people in her life. Then she passes out for hours on end, and dreams like no tomorrow. You can see all of her dream emotions in her face, and hear it in her noises. I see many of her dream movements and realize, “oh that was that movement I felt when she was in there!” And often question if it were she that sent me the dreams I had while I as pregnant with her. She gets the hiccups at least twice, if not more a day. Just like in my belly which is so funny to me.

SBJ working like crazy. But in an extra night this week, AND they wanted him in tonight. Fortunately he did decline the hours, but instead he’s up doing school work from the week. Seems like he’ll never catch up on zzz’s…. hoping this does not last much longer.

I’m back on the natural childbirth educator kick. I think it’s time for me to get moving on the certification. I am ready to move on from CCAP and would love to be doing something I feel passionate about. I am second guessing my thoughts on becoming a doula. Ironically, I know b/c that was what the passion had started as, and now I’m feeling a shift. And not sure I can sum up just why. After my birth with M, and a recent FB posting from a friend of mine who is a doula herself, I am questioning my ability to be a really good doula. I’m not certain (100%) that I have that in me. I think I still need to mull that idea over. In the meantime, I’m ready to get moving on the natural childbirth education certification, and thinking that I may just get double certified. Both by Bradley Method and by BirthWorks International. I do feel that both have vital information and philosophies to offer, and both suit two very like-minded crowds. And that I could do one night teaching one, and one night teaching the other. Now really is the time to get moving. With the holidays ahead, CCAP is quiet right now. I am holding on to see what happens with SBJ’s work status, and seeing if I will be able to resign come the the next few months, being able to fully concentrate on certification. In the meantime, I could jump start the BirthWorks certification b/c much of it is a home-study self-paced type of certification, with a workshop eventually to come. Where as Bradley, I think the earliest I could do this would be April-ish in Orlando…. They have a few options before April, but they were further away (like Dallas was one) and more expensive to travel to. So…. need to figure that all out. But at this point, I feel like I’ve gotten through one major hurdle, and ready to now make some major changes…. major.

Off to plug myself into a netflix flick. Leaving with more of week-1 with M:

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