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Ol’ Friend – Nakita Baby
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Ol’ Friend

If any of you babywear out there…. you will know how sad this truly is….

ol friendFor some, babywearing is a fashion addiction, needing every kind of carrier out there and lovin’ your collection. Changing it up everyday. The stylish babywearers out there. I know you 😉  For me, I’m the opposite kind…. I find my one true love and that true love becomes a permanent fixture in my daily wardrobe. It’s as important as putting on my bra in the morning. My ol’ ergo buddy has been with me for eight years now. I truly did not want to retire her because she has been oh-so-amazing to me. But as you can see….. seams were held together with duct tape. Star Wars duct tape (gulp). And the hoody is just dangling by threads. I have baby C who still has quite a bit of time for the carrier and I just could not bear it if she were hurt because I was not willing to retire my ol’ friend. Thus, this week I was lucky enough to put the feelers out on FB and find myself a second hand (but practically new!!!) ergo to wrap up my baby wearing years. It will take some time getting used to. It is a very light tan colored which I am sure are to muddy in just moments. We could not even keep the balck one clean, so I’m not even going to try to fool anyone here. I felt like I had conquered the world because I had found it for more than half off. I’ve already taken it for a spin more than few times. It will take some breaking in, but it’s a wonderful substitute. I just will miss my dear friend that has seen me through nearly three babies, and eight years. RIP ol’ buddy. Thanks for the amazing ride(s)!!!

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