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This month has been a blast and has worn me out. Feeling the after affects of the fun we’ve been having and needing to catch up on some rest. The kids classes in full swing and intensifying, specifically the theater stuff where performances are coming up. Drama in the not-so-theatrical classes which I can always live without. And everything else we do! Babysitting has become quite a good routine. E seems to love being around us and is more at home and it’s just quite an awesome natural fit.  The driving to and from classes really wore me out and we are revamping the way we do things around here. I clearly am not the only one feeling it b/c mood swings are at an all time high here, and people overall are generally not happy. So it’s time we sit and decide what the most important are and how to do it without over-doing it. There will be less driving in my book that’s a for sure.

The halloween party for EHE was just fabulous. Out of 30 family rsvp’s only 5 did not show. Great music done by a local homeschool girl, and JK helping me out with the food items I selected. All was great. Families pitched in with decorations and the place was fabulous! Lots of fun. The very next day K participated in a catapult contest out at Cantingy Museum. What a blast that one was! The one and only regret was waiting till the week or so before the contest to decide he was actually going to do it! Yipes! That on top of party planing surely did me in. But he did such a fabulous job! The whole family had a blast putting the thing together and his launches scored him 4th in is division and 8th overall. He had a very very hard time seeing how well he actually did b/c he already had the cash prize spent in his mind. But after getting over that fact, he psyched himself up to participate next year. We are already talking about designs : )

Looking forward to a bit more down time. Halloween is coming up and November will begin chill out a bit. The holiday time will be quiet, and we will gear up to for a road trip west. I’m excited. Seems a bit surreal at this point b/c we haven’t done much in the planning phase but also feeling like our hosts have lots they want to show us anyway, so we don’t need much of a plan except show up!  ; )

Just booked our 3rd waterpark reservations for January! That will be a super fun get away as well. And hopefully, if the stars align, we will be moving in April. So the next several months host exciting times for us! Really looking forward to it!

In the meantime, off to bed to kick this achy-flu-cold feeling I have taking over. I hope this is over before it’s worse.





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