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November blur – Nakita Baby
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November blur

That’s just about what it was… kicked off with daylight savings right at the start of the month. I’m not sure who took that change harder, the kids or me? I may be still be recovering! 😀

I always love my EHE meetings. It’s quite lovely to be able to escape one evening a month, all to myself with a group of grown ups that all homeschool their kids. It’s wonderful to have adult conversations (a lot about our kids!) and escape one single bed time routine for one night of the month. I look forward to reconnecting with people I don’t see in the regular routines, and I enjoy being a part of a larger community. Not feeling like you are the only people on the earth home/unschooling is essential to personal sanity! Fortunately, November kicked off nice and early with an EHE meeting that very first Monday. Fabulous, fabulous. Of course at the moment I struggle to recall what that month’s topic actually was! Ah… but I know it was interesting!

S was still in music class at the time, so he had that every Tuesday that month. His dear, sweet music teacher was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer over the summer. It’s been a journey we’ve traveled with her, and I find her remarkable for her endearing personality. She is always so wonderful with the children and parents alike! She has just recently taken a break from her teachings to do her round(s) of chemo. We hope to rejoin her teachings during her spring session. I just can’t quite figure out how to schedule it! S has moved up in the Kindermusik world, being 20 months now, and nearly 2 when the class is on, so the schedule changes. If I can manipulate all things, we will be there singing with her. She is a gem and I think of her, her struggles, health, and family nearly every day.

We had alternating weeks of Animation Class and Girls Club through the rest of November. I have to say… by the time November roller around, I was a bit drained by hosting these classes every week in our home. I am not sure what it was. Not really the idea of doing the class, but doing it in our home. I was definitely ready for it to end and ready for a little hiatus.

S had a well-check in November and I always find those kinda fun…. except for this time around. Somehow we did not have the ‘gee-gee’ with us (pacifier). He typically is not an all-day-er with the gee-gee, but when he’s in a new place, over-stimulation, or needing a little more ‘security’… the gee-gee plays a big role in those instances. So showing up at Dr. E’s with no gee-gee…. ugh. Nightmare. Not such a pleasant visit and really not so fun for S either! 😀 He is, of course, growing immensely. I can’t get over how tall and solid he is. He is “all his own”…. I hear that a lot about him from several people. And that just seems to sum it up in a nutshell… he is ALL his own. Funny lil’ guy.

Wow…. so we did try to squeak in 2 more park days that month. I think we must have been pretty desperate to hang on to every last second of outdoor play we possible could. That very last one was the very first snow flurries and we all said, “ah, not so bad”. Of course with in 20-30 min of the flakes flying in our faces, we all headed home. So thrilled to have the open gym now to burn off that winter cabin fever at least once per week.

D had a few more sports classes left. She was doing this introduction to soccer and basketball. Each week alternating between the two. She really seemed to dig that class a lot. The only issue I had with it was that being the oldest in the class, she had to do a lot of waiting on lil’ 3 year olds that were not in the listening-mode for class. I get that they are not developmentally there yet, but I did not feel it was fair for them to accept her into the class with that being the case. She could have easily moved into the next class with the majority of fiver year olds and done fabulously. She probably would have learned more as well. What’s important is that she love it. And got to do lot’s of running! She is a great runner!

We squeezed in a lot of playdates here and there. Meeting some newer families to EHE has been really fun this year. The kids have really taken to some of the newbies and it’s been faboo for me too. It’s just always such a fabulous thing when you love the parents of the kids your kids love to hang out with! Very cool. We met people at parks, the library, and homes and enjoyed each and every visit with old and new friends.

I had an all day work meeting in the middle of the month. CCAP came into town and we met. It’s always nice to reconnect with the office staff and the LCC’s in Chicago. It’s very hard to be away from family on the weekend though! But they had lots of new developments and it was great to hear the news first hand. That was back-to-back with my au pair meeting that month. We hosted an International Potluck for a little Thanksgiving feast. It was fun to see all of the great dishes and hand out the thankful greetings to the au pairs from their host families.

That happened to land on the day of the parents’ social as well. Yet another lovely afternoon, once per month, that I get to escape for a few hours. Reconnect with friends and relieve myself of the 24/7 duty I otherwise tend to have. I feel so blessed that my hubby supports my needs to get out of the house on occasion. OK, so it’s only what, 2-3 times a month. Well…. ok 2 are for pleasure. If there’s more it’s for work. In my book, work does not count as “time out”. 😀 But I do know some that don’t necessarily have that same support. And it’s a blessing to me that he not only supports it, but encourages it. He is a gem!

We trekked back out to Des Plaines for that cool Homeschool Class they over monthly. That month was mummies and we mummified limes and built their sarcophagus! By far one of the coolest. I think that one and Day of the Dead were tied for first at this point. They do such a great job over there! It’s really fantastic to see some communities supporting homeschooling in such a large way. I see next-to-none of that here in Evanston and that really shocks me. A huge contingency of homeschooling families live around here and north Chicago and yet it’s rare that you’ll see Evanston stepping up that notion. At times, when I’ve attempted to coordinate homeschooling programs, I really feel like I am not only spoon-feeding, but *force*feeding the crews. Let me get on my soap box just to organize a homeschool story time at the library! Ick! I really get annoyed that people are so slow to bat when it comes to embracing homeschooling families and their needs.

Ah. So the week *before* Thanksgiving the kids were already pushing for xmas decorations! Yea… I gave in. And really my motive was selfish. I still had not brought the Halloween stuff down to the storage by then! Ha. Yea… it had been sitting around the back door for about a month at this point and I thought, ‘well…. gotta bring the halloween stuff dow there, I’ll bring up the xmas stuff’! But we have three large boxes of stuff, so it was not like it could just sit around awaiting for us to decorate! So, week before Thanksgiving….yep…. we are decorating the tree and putting up the decorations. That’s always SO much fun when you are doing it. It’s always so pleasant to sit and gaze at the pretty lights. Reminisce over each and every ornament on the tree. But then that single second after the presents are opened on xmas, I’m ready to tear it down and put it away! I’ve had enough…. give us back our space now. Over-well-done!

Day after we got those lights glowing SBJ was back at work. Yet again putting in a weekend day! It was a bit draining at this point, but there was at least a light at the end of this long long tunnel. He has just hired someone and was in the process of training him to be prepared to be on his own. So we were excited this would soon be over. But as much as I say that, we were bummed that we would not have him with us as we boarded the Holiday Train (L) that Sunday.

I park the car, and get all excited that it’s Sunday and I don’t even have to feed the meter! Found a spot right next to the L station and was thrilled about that as well. I’m struggling to get S in the back-pack carrier, get the camera and a couple of bucks to board the train. K and D are running up and down the Metra ramp and I’m feeling a little frazzled. It was fairly empty in terms of people traffic, so that was at least a relief. But I really did not want to see one of them topple from the grassy incline next to the walkway!

Ok… car locked, children gathered, and we take just one step from the car and the phone rings. I recognize the ring and know it’s SBJ. I let K answer and I hear K say something like “you broke your leg?” I’m thinking… what’s going on. K hands me the phone and says that daddy says we have to go get him b/c he broke his leg. I get on the phone and SBJ is in clear agonizing pain. I’m thinking he dislocated a knee (from what he’s telling me). So we stop the Holiday Train adventure, hop in the car and race off to Deerfield to get him to a hospital. We had no more than pulled up in front of the store to find he had called 911 for himself and he was being hoisted away on a stretcher. Ugh… sometimes this man just really jumps off the deep end!

We follow him off to Highland Park Hospital where he is x-rayed and nothing found wrong. They say he could have dislocated and knocked it back in somehow. That there was tearing of ligaments while this happened, but there not much more they could do at this point. They got him all immobilized, taught him how to use crutches and we were on our way. With our trip home he was feeling much better. With in 48 hours, we was not wearing the brace any longer. Go figure. He clearly did something harsh, but what it is no one knows. Workman’s Comp is now asking him to go for follow up though. So maybe an ortho will fill us in on details. But he’s back to regular usage without complaint. All’s well.

K and D took advantage of a 1-time magic class that was being offered and they seemed to have a great time in it. It was great to see them come home with all of these cool tricks that they could do for me and SBJ. That same week we dragged ourselves out to the Evanston Tree Lighting. Ha… well maybe I should say the kids dragged me out to the tree lighting! SBJ was not up for the walking/stairs with his leg recovering, and I was not 100% on board. It was *pouring* rain. Gross outside. Cold and wet…. worst combination ever. But they just desperately wanted to go! Ok… I said I’d go if they dragged along canned foods to donate to the food drive they were having over at the Rotary. They were very excited about that. They even wanted the gentleman there to tell them where the food would go and who it would feed. Quite cool. We stood out in that outrageous rain awaiting Santa on the ladder fire truck. I tell ya, Santa jumped of that truck, did his 360 around the group to the trip, flipped the switch and ran to the Rotary in about 60 seconds flat! Quite hilarious. Guess I was not the only not really wanting to be out there! 😀

Thanksgiving was at mom’s again this year. Uncle P2 came by this year and that was a shock. A pleasant surprise, but a shock nonetheless. Nice dinner had by all. We ended up leaving kinda early b/c D seemed to have some reaction to Uncle P2’s dog. Not totally sure how/what happened, but her eye started to swell and it was not pretty. Benedryl brought everything back down, but then she was wiped out from the Benedryl!

SBJ had to work on his b-day this year. Black Friday never provides him a day off. But we drove out to pick him up and celebrated his b-day back home. That weekend was the cast of major craft making in our house. Of course 6 months notice for the homeschooling craft fair, and we wait till the weekend before to plan, organize, craft and craft! I have my children well-trained already to be procrastinators. Not sure it’s the best things in the world, but we always have fan-ta-bu-lous results when we do.

Go figure.

Awaiting Santa… in the rain


Santa’s 5 seconds of fame in Evanston!


Proof that at one time or another, D had two missing front teeth! Remember that song, “All I Want for Xmas is My Two Front Teeth”?


Happy Birthday SBJ!!! 😀


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