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It does seem our lives are now heading back to a slow but steady normalcy. I have never had this experience as a mother, and hope that this never repeats itself in the future. It was a horrendous week for all. Toppled with the feeling of single-parenthood in the nights while all 4 sick needing all 1 of me, all the while SBJ is off at work. Rough really. I did end up catching ‘it’…. ‘it’ being explained as follows:

So about 12 days ago K spikes a mild fever. It comes and goes w/o a thought and he resumes. A day or two later D is hit with a high fever. Again, pretty random and seems gone until we get her ready to go to soccer that Tuesday and she says she’s not so sure. Sure enough, another fever. Not as high as the first more than 24 hrs earlier, but still…. a fever. So we bag soccer and blop her down on the couch. For a solid 2-ish days she only fever. No other real symptoms. Till Thursday rolls around and M and K are hit. K with the fever, and M with a cold-like thing (mild fever). Everyone at this point seems on the same page, with S to bring up the rear on Thursday, into Friday. S is the last to get it, but gets hit the hardest. His breathing starts to really freak me out. After a call to the dr Friday where I explained the persistent fever, cold, sore throat ordeal with the kids he tells me he feels it’s probably viral/influenza and keep him posted if vomiting or diarrhea comes up. Well, that never happened, but Saturday S’s breathing was petrifying. I felt fortunate to have heard this before AND to have the nebulizer in our home to be able to help him a little bit. By the time I decided to take them all into a clinic and figure out just where to do that, hours were close. First thing Sunday AM we head in. K, D and S test positive for strep, and D for an ear infection. They would not see M (due to her age – legalities of the clinic?!), but frankly, she was doing pretty good. She was severely congested, but her fevers were few and pretty mild. She was eating great, and I was not concerned that there was more going on. The older 3 started antibiotics that same day, and I had never been happier. There was an instant turn around in all of them. S was even given albuterol, but frankly, that made him a little crazy and I chose to stick with our nebulizer for just a day. He was totally fine after 24 hours on the antibiotics.

So, yes, everyone seems to be on the mends. No other meds administered, and then I’m noticing that not totally true of S. He’s got this fever that won’t quit. And really, when I look at it more closely, seems to be directly in between administering the antibiotic. At a well-baby-check for M’s 4mos mark, I ask Dr. about this fever thing, and could it be the Rx? He says he’s knocked out the strep, if that’s what’s caused the fever, so stop the Rx and see if the fever stops. If so, he may be showing some allergic signs and we need to be aware of that. So…. we stopped that this evening and testing mama’s theory that inded the Rx was causing this fever. Shall know more by midnight and/or morning if we go fever-free. I really see no other signs of illness other than a stuff nose, so I think I’m onto something. Dr. insists that he feels we have an influenza bug in the house…. I just don’t buy that one. And hopefully will be proving him wrong tomorrow : )

All the while, I can’t shake a sore throat, and finally cave and take myself in. Yep…. positive for strep AND double ear infection. So I got on the Rx quickly after the kids, and then sent hubby in too. Hubby seems to have escaped, but pharmacy treated him anyway. He could potentially still be a carrier?!? Have not looked into that much further, and quite frankly, after that whole experience, I’d just rather everyone do a course and be done with this once and for all. So if that’s what it takes…. alrighty.

Today felt like the 1st day of getting back to something kinda normal…. I think mainly b/c I finally cooked a home-cooked meal. Appetites were plenty throughout this whole thing (that’s why I feel pretty sure this is not influenza), but just so busy that I did not spend much time in the kitchen. We did lots of easy meals of pizzas on pita breads, and sandwiches, soups, etc. It’s not been the best, but fairly well-balanced. But we were all really feeling the pain of not having home-cooking. And today I was actually able to stand in the kitchen, not have to answer to 4 sickies, AND feeling pretty good myself. Had an awesome pot o’ domoda with lots of leftovers for the weekend. And that, alone, was a turning point to this whole 2 weeks.

Welcome Back! : )

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