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NakitaBaby Nomads

We’re hitting the road!

Bucket list…. item #1 for a great deal of time. Our trips have become increasingly longer and more and more exciting and we never seem to want to return. Each trip resulted in the “what-if we pack it up and go?” question and now….. we are doing it!

We did not renew our lease after twelve years of living in the same extremely humble abode…. hosted two garage sales, and purged a great deal. Pawned some jewelry, sold all the books, listed things on Ebay, and collected masses of moving boxes (in reality…. far more than we needed). We sold virtually all earthly belongings, only kept the useful stuff: clothes, kitchen items that can travel. The 5 x 11 storage unit  we rent houses the baby/memory boxes and anything the kids deem important… tax documents and not much other than that. We have fully embraced the nomadic lifestyle and love sharing our daily lives and adventures with those that are curious. Stick with us and follow our adventures as we figure it all out!



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