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No Training Wheels – Nakita Baby
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No Training Wheels

So last weekend we took the kids over to the park. K was fueled b/c a few of his friends had been talking about riding w/o training wheels, and D… well… she just wants to keep up with everyone. So we rode over there, took the wheels off and let them go at it. I was really kinda afraid that D would get it in seconds and leave K in the dust, wallowing in self-pitty and total distress that he had not accomplished it… put that did not happen.

K only needed a few good guidance pushes with daddy behind him and he was off and running, phew…. This video clip is something I just have to chuckle at. It’s the “classic” thing you’d expect, but what I just love about it…. eventhough I was laughing, and he totally just ran into a tree…. he just got right back up and mastered it before we left the park that day…. Something we don’t always anticipate from K! So this was such a huge, pleasant surprise. It rolled right off his shoulders and he mustered on.

D on the other hand, go quite furious. She was trying desperately to keep up but the balancing thing was not working for her yet. She wanted the training wheels back on after a bit, but one remained quite loose. What we figured a to take that loose one off and let her cruise hat way. She does feel the balance-thing every once in awhile and hopefully she gets where she wants to be. It was so funny b/c at our penpal group this week, she wanted to tell her penpal that she could ride her bike with “just one training wheel”…. ; )

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