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No longer blond!

Tonight was the night! I cut and colored and I’m no longer blond! Everyone loves it, including me. Tomorrow is step 2 in my hair-doing process. I have to color one day and then highlight the next. So tomorrow, amongst my waffle making marathon I will put in my highlights, but it will still be quite on the darker side. Trying to get back to more of my original color. It is darker, but has a bit of auburn color to it, which is inevitable based on the color I came from. But again, it’s nice! I dig it tons.

Been a rough week, and not just for us. Seems a few people I know have had a pretty rough week so far and not sure what’s going on!? What’s floatin’ in the air? Or are the stars aligned for something funky? For us…. Sunday night I had this totally random sleepless night. Had not had one of those in, since… forever. Sleep back on track and then yesterday a full day at the pool ending with SBJ calling us on our way home saying he felt he needed to go to the ER. He was there all night. We were there with him till about 10-10:30pm till the kiddos just could not function any longer (after 6 hours of swimming!!). That was super rough times as I needed to help them and needed/wanted to be there for him. What a mess. But he’s doing well, and seems be feeling much better. Today was a super fun baby check up. Baby did this major flop in the stomach and everyone in the room saw my belly move around like aliens were trying to emerge! ; ) I grew super-tons this month! about¬†6-7 whole cm’s! Which I knew I was feeling a lot of, but I was shocked it was that much!

D’s started a short 2-week art class which she’s totally diggin’. Havin’ a blast and does not seem to even notice that it’s 2 hours vs the 1 hr clay she was doing. K’s feeling a bit of class-envy and eager to do his Orion class in a couple weeks as well as his break dancing class in August.

Hmm… I feel like that’s all I have in me for this evening as I am still catching up from sleepless and running ragged. So will have to get back to ya’ll later.

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