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New Year’s Status – Nakita Baby
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New Year’s Status

This whole week has been wonderful. We have caught up with friends we don’t usually get to see, and enjoyed all of our free time from classes being off. Yesterday we even connected with my Auntie who I don’t think I have seen since high school and she only lives out in Lombard! It was one of those events in life that make you realize you need to do more of…. that pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone thing. Yea, I was kinda petrified to go when it got down to the wire, and the kids were excited to meet her, so I kept pushing myself forward to do it, for them, and man what a feeling to accomplish something like that you could easily just lock away in the closet forever. Made me realize I have grown a few tendencies as of late that I’m not so proud of, and I’m gonna change that…. adding to my new year’s resolution list. I am not going to falter to that fear-factor in me any more. I am going to try to push through more uncomfortable feeling things, and in essence set a better example for my kids. For starters…. clearing the air with a very very old friend of mine. I miss her dearly, and did not realize just how much K did too. A random comment came up this week and made me realize just how much I have let things go. That’s gotta change, or I’m not offering much in the way of changing paths, offering new directions, and “doing things better than they were done.”

Ah. So today has been quite pleasant. Got a tiny bit of sleep-in time. Got to work out in the AM before the day started, which is so much better than working out at night I have to say. We headed to a local library to see Despicable Me (very funny movie… I enjoyed far more than I anticipated), and then gathered up some new year’s stuffs b/c K and D decided they would make it to midnight today! (We’ll see how that pans out : ) Upon returning home, they all dug into making and decorating masks and hats for their New Year’s party, and blew up balloons. I made a scrumptious Domoda in our brand new cooking pot, which is SO fabulous (both the pot and the domoda : ) . SBJ has crashed on the couch already, though he may wake right before midnight to cheer us and fall back to sleep. M is crashed right next to him…. S who kept saying was going to stay up all night, asked me to take him to bed and read to him at 9p and he was out like a light in 5 min. flat. D and K are on the Wii. Left me to a lil’ time to contemplate and write, and I’m gonna head out and see who’s jammin’ what in Lego Rock Band!

I for one, am SO looking forward to 2011. Though 2010 was SO full of trials and tribulations, lots o’ bumpy roads for us… it was an amazing year! Aside from the blessing of our newest lil’ Jarjusey, M, in September, it was an amazing learning year for me. I learned so much about myself, my family and our relationship that I know for certain would not have come if it had not been all that we needed to cope with through the year. Unemployment was one of those blessings and a curse all rolled into one. And for that, I will never forget 2010. I will cherish 2010. And, I open-heartily welcome 2011 into our lives. It will be an incredible addition to our journey so far.

Happy New Year!

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