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New Toy – Nakita Baby
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New Toy

I was up for my phone upgrade and moved to the Blackberry Curve. It’s a groovy lil’ phone, and I just love it. It’s exactly what I need. I was feeling the high pressure to cave to the IPhone epidemic, but realistically I need far less web time and far more kid-time. What was an absolutely must was the email access/usage. If I have email on the go, with the intermittent use of the internet if I should ever need it, I’m in good shape. I don’t want to have the availability of the IPhone w/ me b/c I could very easily cave to being the zombie mom on the playground w/ her eyes fixed and dilated. But also could not be out for the long long days I am usually with the kids w/o being connected to the email world. The Curve is giving me the perfect combo of both. I don’t usually use the internet on the go, but do like to have that choice. The first day I ventured out with it, we opted to pick up a pizza on the way home…. it allowed me to find a pizza place and call ahead. That was super helpful…. but honestly have not used it since then! Email is my thing, and need to be connected to work during my long days away from my desk. The other evening I was able to answer ALL work emails while awaiting K in his late night rehearsal. When I got home that evening, I did not even need my computer…. turned in to bed instead!

My Pearl was OK… it helped stay connected, but it was so (incredibly) slow and my battery (replaced already) was the pits. I did not answer work emails b/c I did not want to let on that I had the access to host families and au pairs, and that inquiries would/might be answered with in seconds. This new Curve gives me the option to change my signature so I can answer emails w/o it saying I’m answering from “my blackberry with ATT”!! So that is awesome option!

My new phone is also on 3G network… whatever that might mean : ) I’m assuming faster…. and yes it is. It’s working out quite well…  and a perfect upgrade for me. SBJ is up for an upgrade, but I think he’s not quite sure what he wants quite yet. It’s never easy b/c you ultimately know you are stuck w/ it for 2 years after that choice is made. Well…. at least that’s the idea, but of course, there is always the phone-damage-exception! : )

Just ordered a great cover for my new toy, including a screen cover, with free shipping. Really a steal on Ebay for $4.99! That will help me so much. Want to take very good care of this one. It’s treating me quite well. : )

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