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New shoes – Nakita Baby
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New shoes

So we didn’t have much on the schedule today… at all really. But I did have plans to head over to my dad’s in the evening for a little get-away date with pops. D wanted to go to the park and K did not. So I bribed K into a park visit if we went out and bought fall sneakers today ; ) He of course obliged b/c he’s been begging me to do this since the start of summer. I was a bit hesitant to do much of anything till about now b/c these kiddos grow so stinkin’ fast. But, Sept is approaching and figure it’s one thing off my to-do list before baby appears on the scene, so why not!?

This was by far the most fun I’ve ever had shopping… not only with the kids, but just about ever in the last several years. I truly hate the stores. It really does not even matter what I am purchasing, I just hate shopping. Knowing what types of shoes the kids were looking for made it a bit easier to pinpoint a game plan and not have to travel all over to Timbuktu and back. We started with Payless, of course, b/c of the remarkable deals you can get there, AND suddenly realizing there is one just a few blocks from our house. For some reason I just never realized there was one right down the street! At any rate, D of course, did not find anything. I find Payless worthless when it comes to girls shoes. But K and S did. K was thrilled with his choice, but was scared that if/when we arrived at Target he’d fall in love with something else. So b/c the deal was too good to pass up, and he really loved them, I got them thinking he’d probably not fall in love with another pair as much… or… I could simply return them if he did. S was just plain hilarious. I certainly wish I had that experience on video!

I had to lift him to spot all of the boy shoes. He picked his in 1 second flat. Even with me trying to point out other shoes to him, he was screaming, “No, this one mommy!!!”. The Buz Lightyear shoes…. super duper cool ya know!? So I get them down and put them on his feet. He walks up and down the isle and I notice light-ups on the side…. OF COURSE! I mean what was I thinking!? ; ) So I turn him to the side and help him in front of the mirror so he can see the lights blinking…. OMG… you should have seen this face! It was like someone had one the lottery 10 times over. Tooooo precious for words. “Mommy, they are lighting!!!” He was just hilarious, precious and priceless all bundled in one. We were all melting with that excitement. Awesome.

No doubt, we had found 2 out of 3 pairs, and next stop was Target. The plan at Target was D’s high-top converse that she wanted… must be black of course. And then everyone needed socks, underwear… and batteries. You’d think this was an easy, fairly inexpensive visit!!! Oh NO! Wowzer…..

Ok… so D found THE pair that she wanted SO badly. Of course, her 1 pair was the price of K and S’s two pairs…. but hey… certainly can’t complain. After all, Mr. K….. he’s in a MENS size 6! Yep, that’s right. My 8 y/o has a man’s foot…. size 6. Nothing more hilarious than shopping in the boys section for underwear and going to the men’s dept for footwear! But, as mentioned… the shoe he wanted was already on sale for $11 at Payless. And then b/c it was my 2nd pair (at half off)… yep… only $5.50. When can you get a man’s shoe for that price? So really…. could not gripe there.

But yes… finding the right sizes for everyone’s growing bodies. Wow…. built up an appetite and stayed for a pizza at the little cafe-dealy. And then D got her trip to the park….

BUT… probably the most priceless moment…. leaving Target. We call climb into the car and everyone ‘has’ to put on their new shoes AND their new socks. We are digging through bags ripping off tags and trying things on. Threading shoelaces and clapping shoes to make the lights light up…. We are all dressed in new footwear and K says, “Wow! My feet just look SO COOL!”… and sure to follow were the echoes of D and S with the same excitement, holding their feet in the air. It was just too fun really. They really have never been that excited and that appreciative over a shopping endeavor like that before, and this was just priceless.

And then… at the park… they were having some issue with these 2 boys that looked like they were just pretending to spy on them, but it really did bother them quite a bit for some reason. They kept coming back to where I was sitting to tell me how much it bothered them. Then D blurts out, “Come on K, let’s just go play. They are just jealous about how cool our new shoes are.”  : )

What’s not to make a mama glow…. ?
And you just must know… these new shoes make all 3 of them run SUPER DUPER FAST! (of course!)

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