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Nesting, Part Duo – Nakita Baby
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Nesting, Part Duo

Yes, it’s happened… just when I said it wouldn’t be for awhile…. the nesting syndrome has kicked in. This is the second go-around. I suppose we are scoring a once per trimester at this point. I don’t know what comes over me when it hits, but man it becomes quite the obsession to just DO! So this time around it’s a big one. I felt the dyer need to purge. Clean, purge, and slight reorganization. So much so, we will have a garage sale next weekend! ; )

Not sure how the family reacts to my sudden nesting mania episodes. So far, no major complaints. I never really expect anyone to help out (unless it’s furniture moving and I’m prego… then SBJ needs to help me out a bit). And he is so graciously there to do as I order : ) So it started late last week with the bedrooms and then Saturday I tackled the dinning room. I have the living room and kitchen left, and my goal is to get through them this week so that we can have a garage sale on a nifty 70-something degree, sunny, Saturday. Place looks great and thrilled with as much as we’ve gotten done so far. The purging of just stuffs feels awesome too.

We had an awesome day today. The weather was amazing. The fam joined along with me on my au pair meeting adventure. I was doing my monthly meeting with them at the park and the kiddos got to run around a lot with daddy in the sunshine all afternoon. It was such a beautiful day. Afterwards we headed over to G’pas to check out the garden’s latest status. And guess what?!? We have sprouts! It was a thrill to see peas, carrots, onion, peppers, sunflowers and what we even thing might be the ambitious beginnings of watermelon! Super fun. And the kiddos got some cool time with g’pa fixin’ his basketball hoop and shooting hoops. Really looking forward to this week…. yea go-figure. The gripper about our schedule is looking forward to this week! Nope, classes still intact, and busy as ever, but feeling great…. maybe it’s the nesting hormone got’s me on a high or something? ; )

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