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Nakita Mei Tai Giveaway – Nakita Baby
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Nakita Mei Tai Giveaway

In my opinion, the way we choose to parent our child(ren) is largely based on if we are brave enough to follow our intuition. But in each our lives, someone or something has given us added gumption to truly follow our deep-seated instincts. Experiences in our lives show us the beauty of what evolves from parenting peacefully and respectfully with our child(ren).

For me, I’d have to say that the time I spent in the Gambia was more inspirational than I would have even known at the time that I had experienced it. My life there was no other than I had ever imagined I’d ever personally experience, and yet I don’t think I truly knew the impact that it would have on me lifelong.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I truly thought I knew exactly what I was doing and what I’d expect to happen, but after the birth of our first son, ALL of that was thrown out the window. What truly felt instinctively right for us was not how I had been raised, and not even how I had helped raise other children I nannied for years! It was that of how mothers in the Gambia raised their babies, and the beauty of true culture and tradition… attachment… that is impossible to alter in this amazing country.

Babywearing was most heavily introduced to me in the Gambia, and so I saw it only fit to create a set of Mei Tai’s made of batiks from an artisan in the Gambia, depicting mothers carrying their precious babes. I want to share this cross-cultural gift with a lucky winner/reader of Nakita Baby!

So here’s the deal….

I’m looking for readers to submit a comment about something special about their parenting. It could be how attachment parenting has impacted your lives, how you chose this parenting path for your family, what are some of your most special aspects of parenting peacefully, and/or anything else you’d like to add in your comment posting!

Be the lucky comment poster who will win this beautiful Mei Tai!

– In the spirit of the season and the nature of this post, I WILL accept International submissions and send this carrier out to you!

– Please include your email address so I may contact you for mailing information!

– Lucky winner will be randomly chosen on New Year’s Eve! (and shipped out to you as soon as I receive your contact information… so please add: mommy@nakitababy.com to your address book so I don’t default to spam).

I’m eager to hear from all of you lovely families out there!

Happy Holidays!

10 thoughts on “Nakita Mei Tai Giveaway

    • Author gravatar

      What an amazing carrier!! It’s absolutely stunning!!

      I began babywearing 15 months ago, when my husband and I brought home our beautiful son! He was 3 days shy of his second birthday at the time and had been in 11 foster homes in his short life.

      It was really important to us that he understand that we were not another temporary home for him. He slept in bed with us and we wore him constantly! He is now 3 years and a few odd months and is just as attached and bonded to us as if I’d carried him in my own womb! We are so thankful that we had heard about wearing your baby before we brought home our precious son!

      I am now 4 months pregnant and cannot wait to wear our second child!!


    • Author gravatar

      parenting has not turned out the way i had expected it to. it’s much more difficult and taxing than i had planned.

    • Author gravatar

      I use the 1-2-3 Magic discipline system with my kids where you give them 3 chances when they misbehave and after the third they go on time out. It seems to be effective for us.


    • Author gravatar

      Being a mom is very tough, yet it is a loving moment that we only spend for the next several year. However, the memory will last forever.

      I will keep on bringing the best for all my kids. Although I did not babywear first, second and third child, I enjoy sharing with them my experience wearing their sister. I do hope that I can babywear my baby with that lovely Mei Tai.

      Luv from Malaysia,

    • Author gravatar

      Being a mother is nothing like I imagined. I imagined sitting around bored while my baby took nap after nap (ha!). Babywearing has made everything easier and added so much joy to our family. Trips to the store, parties, washing dishes all become a special time because I “get” to wear the baby (while my friends and relatives with little ones complain that their babies want to be held all the time). There is so much that is great about our culture, too, but most of our childrearing ways could use a little help!

    • Author gravatar

      Your carrier is totally amazing! We have a rather large family (five and counting) and I’ve gone more AP with each one. I’ve just realized that I cannot expect my children to behave differently than I behave. So if I want them to be gentle, giving, humble and slow to anger, I need to be those things myself. I want to give them the tools they need to succeed at whatever they do in life. So, I don’t just want them to not throw tantrums – I want them to know how to deal with their emotions in a healthy and productive way.

      Babywearing for us originally began out of neccessity. I didn’t really start with good carriers until baby #3 and it was because I was desperate to be able to keep her out of the other kids’ paths. But I really enjoyed the closeness of our first mei tai. It led us to other things like extended nursing, cloth diapering and more.

      Now I make ring slings and give them to moms who need them. It’s wonderful to see another happy duo snuggling together.

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      Peaceful Parenting has given me many wonderful moments with my children that I will never forget.

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      I have learned so many wonderful things helping to raise my nieces that I can’t wait to raise my own baby. I’ve learned that you can’t hold them or hug them too much. My favorite times of the day with them is the quiet times just before bed when its just you and them.

    • Author gravatar

      Oh my. I just looked at the date of this giveaway and noticed it was from 2008. I hope the winner has had many years of wonderful snuggles with their mei tai.

    • Author gravatar

      Oh it is wonderful to hear from you anyway! Thanks for visiting Nakita Baby!

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