Nakita Mei Tai Giveaway

In my opinion, the way we choose to parent our child(ren) is largely based on if we are brave enough to follow our intuition. But in each our lives, someone or something has given us added gumption to truly follow our deep-seated instincts. Experiences in our lives show us the beauty of what evolves from parenting peacefully and respectfully with our child(ren).

For me, I’d have to say that the time I spent in the Gambia was more inspirational than I would have even known at the time that I had experienced it. My life there was no other than I had ever imagined I’d ever personally experience, and yet I don’t think I truly knew the impact that it would have on me lifelong.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I truly thought I knew exactly what I was doing and what I’d expect to happen, but after the birth of our first son, ALL of that was thrown out the window. What truly felt instinctively right for us was not how I had been raised, and not even how I had helped raise other children I nannied for years! It was that of how mothers in the Gambia raised their babies, and the beauty of true culture and tradition… attachment… that is impossible to alter in this amazing country.

Babywearing was most heavily introduced to me in the Gambia, and so I saw it only fit to create a set of Mei Tai’s made of batiks from an artisan in the Gambia, depicting mothers carrying their precious babes. I want to share this cross-cultural gift with a lucky winner/reader of Nakita Baby!

So here’s the deal….

I’m looking for readers to submit a comment about something special about their parenting. It could be how attachment parenting has impacted your lives, how you chose this parenting path for your family, what are some of your most special aspects of parenting peacefully, and/or anything else you’d like to add in your comment posting!

Be the lucky comment poster who will win this beautiful Mei Tai!

– In the spirit of the season and the nature of this post, I WILL accept International submissions and send this carrier out to you!

– Please include your email address so I may contact you for mailing information!

– Lucky winner will be randomly chosen on New Year’s Eve! (and shipped out to you as soon as I receive your contact information… so please add: to your address book so I don’t default to spam).

I’m eager to hear from all of you lovely families out there!

Happy Holidays!