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So during the morning today, or maybe it was early afternoon as we were sitting munchin’ on something together at the table. K and D were telling jokes to each other…. At first everyone was in stitches and truly enjoying…. minutes later K tries to get a bit serious and says, “I’m going to teach you that D”. And she looks at him totally confused. He says, “I’m going to teach you how not to laugh at someone’s funny joke.” I pipe in, “Why?” He says, “because that is what the big kids do. They try to pretend your joke is not funny to them, so I am practicing not laughing just like the big kids do.”

Just hours later D, S and I are cruisin’ back home from G’ma’s after dropping K off for a special afternoon. Music is on, it’s kind of quiet, and D says, “Mommy guess what?” “What is it?” I ask. She says, “I can sing with my eyes closed! Watch me.” Of course, driving (ugh the things we should not do while driving!!!), I glance back and she has her eyes closed and she’s singing. I revert my view to the rearview mirror and every other second she just slightly opens one eye a slit to look to ‘see’ if she is singing correctly. The most hilarious thing I could ever imagine!

Precious moments.

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