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Mr. Boober is 5 months old!!!

Oh my how the time flies!
I just can not believe he is 5 months old…. What a whirlwind adventure since he’s joined the scene. I find it so amazing, fascinating and awe-dropping at how unique this little man really is. It’s remarkable that they can be so individual!
His latest tricks….
Well…. he is sitting. Though still a little wabbly, he loves to sit with big bro and sis to “play”…. aka slobber on all of their toys. Luckily for him (and me), they find this totally cool and not at all bothered by the baby slobber. ; )
He loves to “read” books…. and is just dying to figure out what the “cup-thing” is all about. He watches everyone drinking water all of the time and is just utterly fascinating in holding and ‘using’ cups.
He finally seems to be out of the horrific car-riding phase. He seems more at ease with being in the car as long as we don’t try to load a few too many errand trips on him, he will more happily ride along with us, and even doze off on occassion. So we have enjoyed far more adventures together lately.
He is rolling over, all over, and definitly scooting…. a can bet a crawl is in there with in the next month… then we will really have to watch out!
I see the same exciting, totally untamable flame in his eye as his big sister had at a very young age…. and he has testosterone to boot! ; ) I told SBJ he better brace himself, we are in for a very fast past ride with this little man!!!
Here is the latest pic…. taken just a day ago while we were at Wagner Farm with Grandpa.

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