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Yep…. me. I’ve noticed this growing moodiness in me that I’m not diggin’ so much. I don’t know if this is a postpartum thing or just nature of the current stress levels. I’m sure most would react by saying it’s probably a bit of post baby blues. But not really feelin’ like that’s the thing. I feel more like a moody mama, than a ‘down in the dumps’ or ‘blue’ typa thing. The kids just ended a whole slew of intense class schedules, and they all battled colds, which I continuously feel like I am fighting now myself. I hate that feeling of a cold that is coming and not going, but not coming on either. It’s sorta like, ok come on already, sh*t or get off the pot so I can move on already. So that’s been lingering in me the last couple of days. Maybe it’s a post-Thanksgiving slump when family disappears again? Maybe it’s this prep for the craft fair… of which I am not overly joyful for at the moment either. Wishing I had the gumption to say ‘no’ to this. Kids just love it so so so so much, that it’d be a shame to miss.

Today we were around the table crafting and had this hefty (really hefty) chuckle over something M did, and I had an over-whelming sense of “wow that felt really really good!” And it dawned on me how much I have felt so moody lately. And I noticed D’s reactions to some of my moods in the last couple of days, and then K and S as well. I realized I’ve not been so go-with-the-flow as I usually am, and I’m not diggin’ it too much. I, too, have not been getting a ton of sleep. That’s probably not helping matters.

I just feel…… moody. Need to find ‘me’ again.

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