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Misercordia Candy Days – Nakita Baby
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Misercordia Candy Days

Today was a big day scheduled. I woke up feeling the cloudy weather and wishing/longing for sun! D and I rushed off to gymnastics. She had a great time and learned a few things. It was our date-day so she chose a place for us to grab some lunch. We headed to Dengeo’s for some soup, salad and garlic bread where we chatted away about her class(es) and other stuffs. It was such a nice time. She told me about her coach having her try a back flip. I was astounded to hear that she tried it, but had to chuckle at the point where I asked her how she felt about that, and she said, ” totally freaked out.” We chatted about classes she was in and classes she’d do later, among other fun stuff. After our yummy grub we headed to the car, with my intent to go home. She was adament that our date was not over and we needed to go somewhere else. We decided to go find some seeds for our garden. That was super fun. She had a ton of fun picking our flowers whom became her little babies ; ) And I had fun picking out some yummy veggies to plant. We head out this week to get the garden started!

Heading home for a quick stop and to pick up others, we were headed to volunteer some time collecting money for Misercordia, a local place for children and adults with developmental disabilities. I could only muster a few to go along with me. D and S headed out with me to trapse around Evanston collecting. I have to whole-heartedly admit I was hoping we’d get rained on as I was so completely tired and not up for it myself. But it was a committment we made, and I am a stickler about those promises being kept. D, S and myself were sent to the Starbucks to rally some cash and after awhile we were chilly and not collecting a ton so we headed around the corner to see if we could find another place to collect. As we are walking D shouts, “Oh, I think I see a dollar back there.” She runs back down the sidewalk and picks it up. Her eyes pop out of her head and she says, “It’s a LOT of cash.” She brings it back and we count $400 in cash!!!!! I was totally flabber-gasted. I mean, how could $400 in wadded cash drop from someone traveling down the sidewalk? Holy Cow.

So we are trying to figure out who just walked past us. We walk back to the corner to see if anyone looks familiar. No one seems to be looking for something lost…. I going through all sorts of things that we could do and nothing seems like a solution. I call SBJ and tell him the story and he says that despite trying to be moral about it, how on earth would we find the owner. He deems it D’s. So I tell her and she says, “well then why don’t we put it in here,” pointing to her donation can. I suggest while that is super generous, she could donate some to animals because she is an animal lover. So we agree some goes in the can and then we’d trek over to the animal shelter to make a donation. I still am trying to grasp that fact that this came all of her own whim. I am so incredibly proud of my worker-bees!


Tonight I’m off with K for our special date. We are going to check out Taming of the Shrew, a homeschool production through Thin Ice Theater. I’m excited to have some one-on-one time with him. He’s been eager to go all day. After the show we’ll probably track down a treat somewhere local….

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