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Merry Christmas and happy holidays! – Nakita Baby
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Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Here is this year’s ornament that went out earlier this week! Wishing everyone a happy holidays and hope everyone received in one piece!
We’ve had nice couple of days. The kids convinced me to celebrate xmas all month long so they opened a xmas present yesterday. I thought I was picking out a good one to give…. but ended up being a nightmare (for me, not them!). It was this huge blow up jumping thing. Like an inflatable trampoline with walls. The inflation was what just about killed me in the process. We were going between a battery operated inflater that did not have the right spout to adjust to the nozzle, so it would be blowing a LOT of air, and only inflate 1/100000 of the darn thing. And then while we were out yesterday I decided to get a foot pump that had all of these adjustabl nozzles. Thought I was being smart and clever about this purchase only to figure out that the *%#*! nozzle did not *hold* on so I was not physically inept to hold the nozzle AND push the foot pedal with a foot. Instead, I had to hold the nozzle and pump with my ARMS. AAAUUUGGGHHH….
Ok… SO over my whinning about it they did absolutely LOVE it. They bounced around in it all evening/nite and again today. Even S totally loves to climb in a get thrown around like a tumbleweed. So it was well worth the agony on my end! ; )

We’ve lost another tooth!
I don’t have a head shot yet b/c this happened just after we had returned from seeing the Nutcracker on Ice this evening. Great performance, by the way. I had heard that Robert Crown does a great job with the ice shows, and those reviews did not fail. We really enjoyed the show. But, yea, when we got I was trying hard to get that tooth out for him. It was just dangling there and really I was wondering if it’d fall out and get swallowed while sleeping! (OK, maybe a little mama paranoia, but really… I was worried!). I was not doing such a great job, so I recruited SBJ to do it who simply said, “oh, it’s just attached right here, ” and took the floss-thinga-ma-jigger and pop that tiny little thing went flying about a foot in the air and landed on the backside of my hand. Pretty hilarious. K was like, “what just happened?” We all had a great chuckle out of that one.
Ah…. which reminds me. The tooth fairy is expected this evening!

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