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Have you seen THIS story/experiment?
I just came across this today perusing facebook and man…. I love the story. I mean, truly truly love the story. Who in this day and age does not feel the 100 ton pressure weighing on you consistently about eating not only whole foods, but organic…. non-gmo…. foods that literally can break the bank for large families on small budgets. I feel, particularly in my situation, that we do a pretty darn good job of eating very well, very healthy, and certainly don’t eat out all that much. Organic…. well to be 100% organic is pretty fiscally unattainable for us, but I do what we can do. We don’t eat out more than once a week typically, and truly, we love the foods we do cook at home more, so it’s not to say that we even prefer to eat out. Eating out is a matter of convenience to crunched schedules….too much going on to find time to prepare a meal. And yes…. (((GASP))) we may even eat at a fast food restaurant from time to time…. and it has not killed us yet.

What I love truly love about this experiment that Cisna did was not just that he accomplished what he accomplished, the way in which he did…. BUT rather that he reiterated that it’s all a matter of choice. We can live in a whole-healthful way by taking control over what is we choose to put in our mouths, putting forth the efforts to daily exercise, and truly to get to a mentally sound place of feeling and thinking good thoughts as well.

In my immediate community I find the pressure overwhelming in what others do with/for their families and I feel it is a constant question… “Am I doing enough to keep us as healthy as we can possibly be?” Well… of course I am trying to do my best. I do prepare very fresh homemade meals. I encourage my kids to be active. I personally love to be healthful and active myself. But who’s kidding who if you try to say that you don’t always question and wonder if it is truly the ‘best’?? Not to mention…. media pressure?! Yea. The media pressure… and don’t get me started on the documentary industries! After seeing or watching some intense documentary or story about GMO’s, BPA’s the FDA and Organic (or lack there of) industry….. Ack! There’s nothing left for us to “safely” eat! We can do only what we can do before we become mentally upset from the input coming to us from all angles. Let’s be honest, there is no amount of ‘safety’ on this planet at this point in time with air, water and various other pollutants in which we can truly assure that buying organic is truly organic, or that non-gmo is truly such.

I’m sure I could go on and on with the rant, but my point really boils down to…. we are all dealing with the product of years and years of the industry and society being and becoming as they are. The food industry has become just that. One monopoly over another confusing, fighting, pinning for the consumers’ business. All that seems possible for us to do at this point…. get to a place of complete health, both mentally and physically so that we may then make conscious and controlled decisions on what would and can keep us the healthiest selves we may each be.

I highly recommend taking a 19 minutes of your day to check out Cisna’s experiment:


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