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May Day

Otherwise known as the “BIG ‘S’ DAY!!!” Mr. Man turned 4 yesterday! He had a blast of course, and just soaked it all in throughout. The day started with our traditional bday waffles. Who doesn’t like the chance to make multiple wishes throughout your special day (or heck, just blow out a burning candle several times on a special day)?! After breakfast we headed outside. We were hosting G’pa’s dog while he has been out of town and we decided to take her for a long walk. The walk ended up at a very wet park as it has been raining for the last couple of days. The weather at least has been a very decent temperature, but it’s been quite wet.

After our mosey to the park and playing a bit we headed up and all had a bite to eat and S was ready to open his presents, “NOW!” : ) He is so funny. It’s so hard (impossible really) to get him to slow down and appreciate his gifts. He has to plow through and open them all, all at once. Then he goes back and cherishes each one, checks them out and spends hours upon hours playing with them. But the ‘plow’ is what SBJ and I have come to call it, is pretty intense. It’s like he does not even see what he’s just opened and pretty apathetic to it at first. Any rate…. he did enjoy his gifts for the rest of the afternoon till we headed out to Chuck E. Cheese! I tell ya, I don’t know what is with 4 year old and Chuck-e in our household, but I have had this tradition more times than I care to admit. This evening, was far less painful than years past however. We arrived early, and since it was a Tuesday, it was not all that crowded. We opted to do the healthier options; all you can eat salad bar and sides of chicken wings. I felt much happier and healthier leaving there with that in my gut than pizza. So there’s an upside. The other upside…. I don’t think S likes these places as much as he thinks he does. I think he get to a point where he is abundant auditory overload (much like his mama) and he’s ready to bolt. The day was much like that. He played some games, but after eating, we was done and ready to check out. (That’s my boy ; )

We came back home (with G’pa) for his bday cake and enjoy his bday gifts. It was a really nice bday! He’s such a special, unique personality who teaches me amazing life lessons at such a young age. He is quite the precious soul and I’m lucky to be his mama.


The rest of the pics included below are from all of our adventures recently. Classes are winding down now. And we’ve taken advantage of the time to do a few outings. One, here, is of the lil’s at Woodfield Mall, the other is of us all at Apple Holler for a very cool prospecting adventure, G’ma’s bday too. Lots of fun had by all! K’s show just ended (I’ll post those next). Park days are starting to pick up again and we only have 3 more AJCW classes. All is going quite well! I’m super duper excited to enjoy some good-ol’ summer fun!!

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