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Master Chef – Nakita Baby
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Master Chef

This summer has appeared to be one of many new milestones for everyone here. Each in their own, and in various areas of their lives. S just happens to have been bit by the cooking bug this summer. It began much with my running endeavor. As I would set out for a run, he would be hungry and wanting to eat breakfast. He began asking if he could prepare certain breakfast meals and I was game if he had some supervision with the fire and such.

He started by boiling eggs, or making mashed potatoes with hard boiled eggs. He also has experienced scrambled eggs and egg sandwiches (yes we love us some eggs in the mornings!). He also has mastered the broiled chickpeas which is one of my absolute favorites when it comes to packing in the protein in the mornings! And, he loves making the mighty (great) sub….. Oh…. let’s not forget the homemade guacamole. The older three actually LOVE making the guac and we have packed in quite a few homemade guac days this summer.

His signature has come to be the hash though. He has it down to a science. He will ask each and every person if they want one or two hash, and then gets is potatoes ready, scrubbing them down and preparing. Once shredded he seasons and preps for fire. He gets the fire lit and waits for the oil to get nice and hot, and fries them up nice and good. Each time he’s made them they get significantly better than the last. (And his clean up is getting better as well! 😉 )

shea cook 1 shea cook 2 shea cook 3









We are enjoying the budding new chef in the house. With many hands on deck, makes mamas load a little less heavy. Nice to have three able and willing hands when it comes to the breakfast meal, AND I’m getting to stick to my new exercise routines. Feels awesome…. the love and support, and the budding new lovers-of-cooking! Wonderful full circle and exciting to see the growth and milestones as they may happen to show their little heads.


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