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Mama’s Whirl-Wind

This weekend was such a coaster ride! Started off with a wonderful Friday where I felt like the whole day was Saturday, and accomplished a ton of stuff both with the kids and for myself, and then realized, “Yay! It’s really Friday and I get to do Saturday all over again!” Saturday was a blast. Many doubters that we would even be able to host our first soccer tournament of the HYSL fall season, but the skies cleared and the sun even came out that morning. We had a huge number of kids come on out for an amazing tournament. It’s such a glorious sight to see the different color jerseys and seeing this all come together so nicely.

We enjoyed a lovely lunch out and then a really fun family movie night in the evening. On the way home I swung by my favorite spot to get my lotto ticket, and decide, “hmmmm…. I’ll get a scratch ticket today.” Guess what? I won $100 on my ticket! ; ) Yay ME!

That evening we watched Cast Away, one of my all-time favorite movies and actors, and they really seemed to enjoy the whole entire movie! It was really a fun day. Today we headed out to Golden Rule, and had a really nice morning. Only S and D made it there with me. M seemed to be a bit too congested and needed a day at home rather than me dragging her around. K over-slept and did not seem like I could get him out of the bed to go. It worked out ok as S and D wanted to birthday shop for their baby sister who is turning two year old this Tuesday!

After GRSS, we headed to get little M’s birthday balloons (a tradition we have in our house), and after a stop at the pet store for guinea pig hay, we headed to Target for birthday presents. We had a really nice time picking things out and were more than ready to head home. I think we were all pooped because it was a busy weekend. And… the kids were excited to wrap up M’s presents…. AND…. G’pa was coming over to pick up his doggy that we were dog-sitting for, and to celebrate Miss M’s birthday.

Well, while we were in the store, S figures out how fun it is for him to ride laying down on the bottom of the shopping cart. I imagine that felt quite cool as it would probably have a flying sensation as he sailed across the floor. And he was being quite safe about it all through the store… that is until we reached the parking lot. We were no more than 15-20 feet from the car when I feel this bump, freak out thinking he’s under the cart, and see him pop out from under with his finger kinda mangled. I’m sort of looking in shock as I am not even sure what I’m looking at! His nail was pulled completely off, and skin all around it rubbed clean off. It was dirty and bloody…. though, quite honestly, not nearly as bloody as you might anticipate.

D looks at me and says, “Oh! What do we do?” I tell her to run to the car and grab me some napkins. I calmly (hopefully) tell him all is going to be just fine. D gets to us before we get to the car with the napkin I requested. I hold onto it and really, it’s not really even saturating the napkin. But he’s all wide-open with skin exposed and nail dangling, so we just squeeze it tight and try to wrap it enough to get home. D unloads the bags to the car and I look at the damage, and it seems ‘ok’….. I mean as ok as it could be for the circumstances. I feel like a trip to the ER would merely have them remove the dangling nail, clean and wrap him up…. so I figure we’ll do that at home and see how he is tomorrow.

The whole time I’m trying not to show my complete shock. He was such a trooper. He cried over it, for sure. But he was able to calm himself, and we hugged a lot and talked about it so that he felt ok talking about it. We got home and he’d have random cries about it. I happened to have Motrin on me in the car, so I gave that to him immediately because I was sure that the burning and pain of it was the worst of it all. When we got in the door and settled, we took off our make-shift bandage (aka napkin with strip of duct tape) and took it to the bathroom to attempt to clean it up a bit. There was no way I was getting any sanitary stuff on there (soap) because it was just wide open. But we took the nail off completely (it was just hanging by a hinge), and then we tried to at least run it under water. That caused quite a few more tears. Surprisingly, no more blood though. It clotted really well and really fast. We ran water over it for a very short bit, blotted it dry as possible and wrapped it up. Once he had that secure wrap on it, and the Motrin clearly kicked in about 5-10 minutes after that, he was back to himself. He even enjoyed the early birthday party with G’pa and M and seemed in really great spirits.

Oh, the roller coaster ride of mama-hood. The weekend was fast, and the whirl-wind it always seems to be. Just feel blessed that he is such a strong boy who handled it SO well because I felt like I would have crumpled. Oh sweet S.

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