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Sometimes…. magic just drifts right into our lives and we are left with such an abundance of gratitude we are ¬†simply not sure which mountain top is high enough to launch it from! I’m not sure if today’s magic can be re-encapsulated quite as I hope for so I am simply going to copy and paste the excerpt from the original source….. ENJOY!

Moments of complete and utter MAGIC have come to Kaidin during this entire documentary project from start to near finish. Things that I am certain not many 14 year old boys will experience in their lives. When we set out to accomplish such a magnificent project, I truly don’t think either of us had fully understood the impact this project was going to have. Not only on us, but to those around us, involved both directly and indirectly. Today was one of those seriously magical moments.

Returning home from a day of unschooling adventures, we receive this beautiful letter in the mail, with a donation that plows us out of the water. This very magical person does not know Kaidin. To be 14 years old, pursuing a DREAM come true, and to see the world around you rallying to see you to the finish line…. well …. truly no words can encapsulate that. My mama tears of joy, pride, gratitude, abundance, bliss…. I simply cannot sum it up.
Docu Magic
Our very special, very magical, abundant tribe has rallied beyond words to assist this young man live a dream. I am just beyond words.

Only weeks to the finish line. Just steps away from completed budget, project and film! I know that neither of us can quite sum it up. Just please know, to each and EVERY one of our donors…. You are ALL just pure magic to us. ALL of your help and assistance has gotten him this far. Your support sees him to completion and sets him up for a future of many more dreams to actualize!! Our gratitude oozes to each and every one of you!!!!

We can’t wait to see you at the premier!!!
(Remember donors, your ticket will be available for you at will call!)

Updated (Ticket and DVD Pre-sale): www.nakitababy.com/film

And event page:https://www.facebook.com/events/218631215181311/


Future donations (and this exert) are at www.gofundme.com/kaidin







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