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Lucky gal

Today’s my birthday!
And an awesome day it was at that. A kinda restless night, by 6a lil’ M decided it was party time and I was not quite ready. SBJ let me sleep in till about 930a!! Yippee did that feel great. I was greeted by eager gift-givers and they were just so excited and so sweet. Lots of homemade stuffs (the best!) and a new t-shirt and ear muffs! Got K ready for his call time in his new performance and drove him out there. Back home to get lil’s ready and out we went for the Whys, Wishes and Secrets show by Pigeons With Teeth. They did a fabulous job. He was quite unsettled on his way over. He felt it could easily end in disaster because he did not think everyone else was ready and prepared. But really, they did so awesome. Not sure what all that fuss was about! I think he, too, felt tons better¬†after seeing how it all panned out, and that it was indeed a GREAT show!

Home for a b-day party! SBJ cooked some yummy Chew, (cleaned up afterwards too : ) ! Then on to a sweet chocolately Elmo cake! Yea baby. A cake that says “Happy Birthday Mom” with a rockin’ Elmo ring stuck in it. Nothing more awesome than that I tell ya! And then we all cuddled up on the couch for a family movie night. Just my kinda perfect day. Overwhelmed by all of the bday greetings I received from every nook and cranny. It was so great to hear from people I had not in quite some time! And even more perfect that the day was with my most awesome peoples!

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