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Lions, Jaguarundis and setting traps…

So we were having this amazingly great winter weather and taking advantage of not freezing our butts off, we headed to Reyerson’s Conversation Area. K literally could have been there ALL day long. He is a true nature boy and was just loving all of the uprooted trees. We had received tons of rain last summer and it appears in the heavily wooded areas, many of the larger long-standing trees had just literally fallen over from the lack of support to their roots. K said he was a lion in the jungle and was instructing D which animal he was to be, and which direction to head, etc. It was only after sheer exhaustion (on D’s part that we had to pry him away from what he said was a damn breaking. This massive uprooted try had all of this dry mud on it and he was on a mission to get the roots thoroughly clean… or to “break the damn”. A real riot… Of course, not so much so when his sister was about to pass out from lack of food and sleep and she wanted to head out. Could you believe that a preservation like this one does not allow picnics? I thought it quite odd myself…
On the way out, however, they were both highly distracted by this rooster who not only crowed at them, but figured he’d just chase both of them the entier perimeter of the fence! These two would run from one end of the coop to the other end of yard and this little white rooster would chase them the whole way. Sheer entertainment for a good thirty more minutes!

After that major run, we had our little *car* picnic and headed over the forest preserves in Glenview. By that point, D had passed out in the car for her little siesta, and I had the luxury of one eye on a book and one eye on our jaguarundi in the jungle ‘setting traps’. To this day, it’s on our ‘to-do’ list to get back over to that forest and ‘check our traps’!

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