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Labor of Love…

Yes, its true, our precious newest, littlest family member has arrived! And what a journey it was!
Let’s see… for starters, I had been posting how challenging the last couple of weeks had been. I had been feeling quite tired by the end of each day, and started to feel really ready for her to arrive. I was beginning to feel lots of cramping. I suppose what most call Braxton Hicks, but it was more of twinging and working going on that actual pre-term typa contractions. At any rate, I knew that I had to be dilated already. I had been feeling a lot going on.

So 9/22 – due date came around and when I went in to see Hillary, we opted for a check and found out we were indeed 3.5 cm along and 80% effaced. Perfect news in my book. Really did not want to be prolonging arrival any more than needed! ; ) But sure enough, that night and following day came and went and nothin’ at all….

Thursday evening S was going to bed complaining that his stomach hurt. I knew that could not be good. This boy just does not complain about just about anything. But we was sure and really whining about it, so I was a bit worried. I was so completely exhausted that evening and was unsure how the night was going to unfold. Even asked SBJ on his way out the door, “is your phone turned on?” : )

That evening, about 11pm-ish, as predicted, S wakes to puke all over his bed. It was a smelly mess and just seconds after I had crawled into bed to rest. Cleaning that up and getting him settled, but not feeling settled myself…. contractions start around 12am. Of course. I was not really resting well b/c S had just had this bizarre episode, and then contractions to boot. However, they were not strong enough nor regular enough that I was getting up. I suppose if I had, we coulda had baby earlier than we did…. well maybe. But I really had it in my head that if I could sleep through a few, or get through the night, some rest was better than none. That theory only got me till about 4am when I called SBJ and asked him to be home by the time the kids got up. Figured if he could do kid-duty, I could concentrate on contractions.

Ha…. good in theory. By the time he showed up from work, contractions has seized. Nice, eh? Spent most of Friday trying to get things kicking again. Nothing really till about 3-4pm that day. But even then contractions were only 20 min apart…. BUT…. they were 20 min apart from that time Friday till Saturday next AM. Nice. And they were getting far more extreme as the night wore on. Periods that I simply could not sleep through them. Finding myself shifting from bed to couch to futon. Eventually ending up on the futon in front of the open window with a 50 degree breeze blowing over me. Yea… nice. I know.

I woke with back discomfort. I was a mess by then. It was just long and prolonged. I jump in shower and decide that if I filled the bathtub and soaked, that could really help my back. It certainly did, but it also helped contractions kick in to about 7-9 min apart. That was feeling better. Cool… I get out of the tub and think it’s nearly time to give Hillary the heads-up and…. contractions stop again. Well…. slowed down again. Sometimes has 1 hr periods where there weren’t any contractions. But a few random ones here and there.

By afternoon, I’m feeling achy, tired, and thinking I’m going to get back in the tub b/c (a) may help my back some more, and (b) body did not seem to like dry land at this point. Sure enough, in water, I’m back to 6-9 min apart, and this time even more serious in strength and intensity. I decide it’s time to call Hillary. When I do the first thing I say is, “really…. I have no idea what is going on here…. BUT…. ” and proceed to explain again what’s been going on. She agrees with me that I had to be about 7-ish cm dilated already and says that if she comes out they would consider breaking my bag and getting things rolling already. She knew everything before and knew I’d been awaiting and ready.

Casie arrived first and Hillary not far behind. Once we get a check, sure enough I’m just about 7cm and 90% effaced and really getting close. No idea how or why my contractions never stayed regular for any period of time, nor why they seized several times during this process, but that was where we were at now. They got the tub filling and before you knew it, I was in a lovely lil’ hot tub.

I had called Hillary about 4pm-ish, she arrived just with in an hour. There was a point on dry land that I was beginning to loose patience, but knew I had to concentrate. I had to get this done already! I just kept saying to myself, this is it. Really it, in SO many ways. Tub finally full and I’m loving the help that is providing, but even then…. really ready to be done already! I’m thinking I’m going to rip right in half and at that point Hillary points out she seems me in complete misery and offers to break my bag. I comply so quickly b/c I’m ready. I needed this to move a bit more quickly. And BOY DID IT!

I’m getting this intense contraction right when she’s checking me in the tub. She’s instructing me that if I bare down just a bit during these contractions, I could help the last little lip move outta the way. And all they while…. contracting with her in me. Yea. But then…. she breaks the back and viola! With in about 10-15 min. hands in catching her! It was amazing. I felt the gush from the bag break… or really the warmth of the bag breaking. And before I knew it, she was on her way out. I was told to bare down, and really…. she just came flying right out at that point.

In births past I was always told, ‘wait till contraction and bare down’. Well…. not this time around. I was encourage to keep on going, and man was I so happy she did! It was smooth, it was quick, and the relief immediate. To see SBJ pull her out of the water and place her on my chest…. wow. She was born at 7:49pm….. less than 4 hours from calling Hillary.

The rest of the evening, just blissful. To have home, family, an amazing support network… just remarkable. Homecooked food dropped off at home, and phone calls, text messages, my own bed…. kids around…. warmth. Eating and drinking as I needed. It was all amazing. She was peaceful and nursed immediately for quite some time. She is just a little pixie, blessing…. abundance. I feel so overwhelmed with all of the congrats and well-wishes too. It’s just awesome.

Welcome to the world baby M.A.J…… born 9/25/2010 at 7:49pm. 9 lbs and 21 in. long. You complete our happy lil’ family!

Love, Mama 

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