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This pic got me so triggered today…..

Per my usual schedule…. I have a few Facebook and Instagram accounts I manage marketing for. This weekend was my weekend to work on my personal (work) accounts, verses that of a client. During the course of the month, leading up to my scheduled posting date, I save memes that inspire me, trigger me, motivate and provoke deeper thought. These are the types of messages I believe I stand for in my life, my family, my work. These are messages I want to spread to others, whether I’m sharing with others because they emulate and/or relate by they way they live their lives, or simply planting seeds for those who may not quite be ready for my message. I truly just enjoy speaking from my heart and my truth.

It’s taken me years to realize I actually do have a message. I mean I always knew I stood for something, but to be quite frank… I didn’t really feel like others cared to hear it. Ironically, with the aging of my children I have noticed that my advise has been sought out more frequently than I would have imagined. After all…. just because I have lived my life through raising my children, I have to admit…. I still question just how much I have to offer. After all, each of us is parenting a completely different person, and every year is a new year doing it with that person. And even with my nearly eighteen year old, and the three others in between…. I’m still feeling a newbie at this with my nearly five year old. Each and every child is a new adventure and new experience. So while I do love offering my stories of experience, I do rather hope that people walk away from our chats with renewed sense of courage to face their own challenges and growth with open-mindedness and love. My goal is never to dictate, but to encourage others to seek their truth deep within themselves.

That being said…. I’ve come into my own in that my message is not always about peaceful parenting, unschooling, radical unschooling, worldschooling, attachment parenting, or any of these labels we so freely throw around as if to help us feel better about who we are and what we do (or choose). Labels create this odd sense of security as if to feel like there is a belonging to someone of something. But since when does any one single label fit anyone so perfectly that you never question whether another label also fits? It’s this thought that cautions me from exploring deeper, true conversations with many people because once you delve into topics of politics, religion, philosophy, history, parenting styles, schooling choices, etc…. we cross the comfort zones. So often people are so uncomfortable outside of their comfort zones, that conversations can become scary, unstable, threatening and challenging. To challenge ones thought process is a dangerous territory to navigate unless you are certain you are within the presence of company that are up for these challenges.

I for one truly enjoy labels, but not in the sense that I feel the majority of people love labels. My perception is that labels for many offer a sense of security. They feel a belonging. They have found what makes sense to them. It’s comfortable and safe. Therefore discussions of others who may be ‘different’ offer a sense of caution or threat. Challenging the core of what we think or believe is scary and therefore creates a bit of hostility. Which is likely why this meme triggered me so much today…..

My enjoyment with labels varies greatly from this perception. I could potentially put myself in a neat little box for someone to feel safe to converse with me and discuss thoughts and even question my viewpoints…. but to be quite honest, there isn’t a neat label that exists that would fit me so clearly that any one person could ever get a clear picture of who they may be dealing with when they open my can of worms! LOL. I enjoy many aspects of many labels, and what I enjoy most about labels is fully embracing what that label means for others. I love differences! They fascinate me. They fuel me. I find them intriguing and wondrous. If we were all the same, this world would be so frickin’ boring. If we all felt the same, did the same, enjoyed the same…. BUT….. why-oh-why do these differences pose such a threat for people of the world to create the hate an hostility that exists? Why-oh-why can’t we live and let live? Love and let love? Be and let be?

Of course…. there are some labels that may get me triggered. I would be lying to say that I could just accept all and be all. That would be very silly of me to try to pull off. Triggers are everywhere, however providing me the opportunity to truly embrace and dive deeper. Like…. authoritative parenting. This…. this one triggers me. But you know what?!? I also can still completely embrace these differences. How? Well…. dive deeper, don’t just surface this….. Think about these parents who choose this path…. Have they had the experience of ever seeing or knowing any differently? Are they even aware that there is a different path to choose? Do they themselves feel happy and healthy parenting this way? (I have my suspicions to the answer of this of question.) Have they ever received the support to make a shift they feel they might like to do things differently? My guess would be ‘no’…. and my feeling would be that I can, at the very least, plant a little seed. I can be a beacon of light. I can be a little birdy…. I can in some way still offer love.

We can’t offer change by bombarding and demanding the world live in peace. We can’t offer change by setting up protests and rallies and creating more fear in the world through retaliation and fights. However….. we can live by examples….. profound examples. We can plant seeds for now and future generations. We can believe what we believe so whole-heartedly that people would be foolish to not want to experience such love, peace and growth in the world. After all…. despite ALLLLLL of these crazy labels in the world…. we ALL are human. We all intrinsically want to be loved. We want to be heard. We want to grow, and change, and grow, and change, and grow again. We all strive to be our very best version of ourselves. So….. with our underlying core human desires….. what the heck is that label doing for you anyway?

I embrace your differences and similarities. I see you. I love you despite AND your chosen labels. You are amazing and beautiful and I am blessed you have been a part of my life.

I question the need to write such an article and how in this day and age, I would think that acceptance would come more naturally. I hope you can join me in cherishing the world exactly as it is. For love will always overpower the hate. Let’s be our best versions of ourselves, striving to grow, and change, and be open to the possibility that we can be wrong on occasion…. AND loving ourselves for our mistakes, our learning, and re-growth, and offering the same towards others. Begin within your core being for when love is plentiful within our souls, it can’t help but overflow onto others around us.

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