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Kiddy updates – Nakita Baby
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Kiddy updates

Figure it’s about that time…. holidays over and just did a major sweep of the house as I put the tree and decorations away finally. We were a little slow this year getting things down and put away, but it lead to a major sweep of the house; cleaning, a bit o’ purging and slight rearranging. Feels good and like a fresh start to a new season.

M is pushing 3.5 months now. She is just a little chatter box and giggler. If you put her anywhere (say propped on the couch while you attempt to get something down, but in a way that she can see all the action), she will just start squawking…. loudly! She just wants to heard, and a part of the action no less than any other. You can already see that spark in her. She’s gonna be a real spitfire like her siblings…. esp D and S. She is also a lil’ charmer. She is sooooo smiley and very very giggly. She will coo at just about anyone and melt your heart. She’s been holding her head really well. Even even to follow/track the action as it flies by her. And, she is even in the beginning stages of sitting up! She can hold herself a few seconds before teetering one way or another. Quite exciting! She’ll be cruising in no-time at all! She certainly sleeping less and less during the day, but still a really great night time sleeper (when it counts the most : ) ! Though SBJ is sure that she is just gonna fall to her death bed if she doesn’t get solid nap during the day. He’s pretty funny that way : ) She has her 4 mo check at the end of the month and I’m eager to see how much she’s grown. She’s in no less than 9 mos old clothing, and just workin’ so hard on those lil’ pudgers we all LOVE soooooo much!

S is…. well… man there is no word to describe that lil’ man. He’s a part of all of the action, and in some cases even more independent than his older siblings. Very self-sufficient that one. When he wants something, and you assure him you will do it… it’s just not good enough for him. He proceeds to complete the task for you/himself. Example… he loves Sprite. Tonight he asked me for a drink of Sprite and I assured him I would get it for him. But I had taken more than 60 seconds of his time and before I knew it, he had opened and was pouring it for himself. He loves to cook! When I’m in the kitchen cooking up something, even if just a turkey sandwich, he wants to take part in the process. He will do most of the steps, and would even cook over open-flame if I would let him! He really loves it that much. I think he knows how to prepare 10 times what his older siblings do, and before 10 yrs he’ll be cooking dinner for us all! : ) He’s still way, way into music, and jams on just about any instrument. He knows most pop rock songs around today and from “my time”. The kids have been listening to “oldies” and loving them. They put on music concerts for us, and it’s so much fun to see them mouthing all of the words to the songs. He loves the guitar, and received a harmonica for xmas which was a super hit. Also big on drums once in a while. Other day in the car, he was singing right along with me… every word to the song on the radio! Other than that, there isn’t anything he won’t get in to. He is very curious and never holds back. (Good teacher to us all!!) The house is a constant state of chaos and disaster b/c of S. He does not like cleanliness AT ALL. You can go through and put all the toys away, sweep, vacuum, and feel super great at the accomplishment only to turn around literally 5 seconds later and the exact same things you just picked up are now down. It’s how he rolls. And we have finally come to just chuckle about it b/c it’s never gonna change. He’s a true snuggler, and my prince charming part duo. He is a protector of all and a true friend as well. He’s just brough a whole new something into each of our lives!

D has been branching out and exploring more and more. I see her blossoming into young lady-ness and it’s cool yet scary to watch. I so don’t know if I’m ready for as fast as this seems it’s going. But know it’s inevitable. What more can you do but enjoy the ride as it comes along. She is definitely a mommy-pleaser, which at times worries me. I don’t want her to feel the need to live up to my expectations, or always feel the need to please me in some way. I encourage her to feel proud of her own accomplishments, but she does not seem to be there just yet. A work in progress for sure. She’s been less shy around people and a little more outwardly with making new friends and even in new situations. Even one day this week, we were at a place where she only knew one other girl and met all of these new people, AND K was not even around to be her home base and she was off in running in seconds. She had a blast and had no hesitations the entire time we were there. It was really cool to see. I do see her looking to build new friendships as well. She’s kind in this in between of being with people in certain activities and wanting to spend more time with them one-on-one. These are new people she’s met recently, and… ironically they are all older than she by at least 2 years. Most fortunately, mos are eager to hang out with her and I cherish these families that do encourage the time together. She’s leaving girl scouts this session to try out a combat class, which I think it so awesome of her. This will be a huge growth opportunity for her and there is no telling where she’ll go from there. She’s also doing indoor soccer, ice skating and art…. as well as the 2 open gyms we will all be going to together weekly. She’s really into art lately. (Really) She likes being on the computer some, but if she isn’t playing a game, she’s watching a movie, and if she’s watching a movie…. she’s really doing art. She’s always drawing and creating. It’s amazing how much and how endless. She never tires of it, and it’s just so cool to see her blossom there too. She still loves to move her body…. endlessly really. She does not sit still well : ) She is in constant motion, and sometimes it’s over-exhausting for me : ) But I try to manage my impatience and feed that need as best I can. I’ve noticed an emotional turmoil phase that we seem to cycle through once in awhile. I can’t really pinpoint if this comes in a particular time frame/cycle, but I do know we’ve been through it more than once before. This time around, however, she really was able to articulate that she was feeling quite “grouchy everyday.” That was what she said to me…. she was feeling quite grouchy everyday and didn’t quite know why. It usually ends in some major outpour of wild emotions, which include lots of screaming, crying and then alone time…. and then she seems to emerge a whole new person. Refreshed, as the devil has left the building : ) I do begin to wonder that this must have to do with major growth spurts in her life, whether it be emotional or physical, I am beginning to feel that I’m on to something here. Going through it with her of course, I just want to rip my own head off. I don’t handle quite as well as I’d like too…. but I should at least give myself credit for trying to be better each time. Eventually I will feel good about how I handle those phases. I do, however, cherish the fact that I DO get to go through this with her. I imagine other little girls who must be in such turmoil at school w/o support of a parent or caretaker. To be submerged in peers who are just going through the same stuff. I am a very lucky mama to be here with her and help her as smoothly as possible blossom as she sees herself doing. She’s gonna be one cool chick, that D. When that self-confidence booms and connects with who she is inside…. OH, y’all better watch out! : )

K too has shown signs of some big growth in the last month or so. Definitly both in the physical and the emotional. In the physical department he’s just broadened and thickened so much I feel like I have a pre-teen on my hands : ) He’s up to my shoulders and quite broad. I see the teen physic approaching and it’s just mind-blowing really. Emotionally, he’s definitly beginning to really handle himself so much better than the complete meltdowns that we were having just a short while ago. Of course, I’m sure that’s not the end of that, but it’s nice it’s on haitus right now : ) The only one person that can send him into the same distress at the drop of a pin is D. I think she’s realized that though and we’ve been working on that seizing as well. K’s really been into the acting thing lately, and he’ll also be doing a combat class, and computer classes as well. Oh, and science online too. He’s definitly finding his likings and following passions well. He’s shifted friend-base which, I for one, have been super thankful for. He had been pining to hang with kids who were older than him, and just giving him a real rough time. These were boys that hang together quite a bit, and for quite a few years. They knew each other well, and maybe part of personality, just don’t seem all that open to letting him in. Now, that sure could change as months roll on and they see him far more often. These things do change as often as that. However, K had been beating himself up over it… and harshly. It was so insanely heartbreaking to hear him cry on about how these kids just did not like him. It’s hard to convince him that this is/was not the case, and time will change all that, when he’s so emotional about it not happening “right now.” Fortunately, though, we had the discussion more than 10 times over and he seems to be in an OK place right now. He seems to feel good about who he is and has to offer, and does not seem to feel as intense about breaking “in” to that crowd. He’s really found good friendships in his own peer group. Mostly 8,9 and 10 y/o’s who really do cherish him. I love seeing those frienships blossom and seeing him happy with people he connects well with. He really can be quite inhibited at times, and to see him opening up more and more is awesome. He too is my prince charming. He loves his mama, and at times can be a super snuggler. However…. he’s sure he’s still only the size of a 2 y/o and forgets the damage he could do to me now : ) But he’s so sweet and innocent. The inhibitions has served his personality and I cherish that sweet soul (now being corrupted by youtube and preteens : ) But even with that sillyness he learns from the world, he is still incredibly homey and always seems to put his family first, quite naturally. Now… if I could only get that kid to make his OWN flippin’ turkey sandwich : )

Looking foward to this new season of classes and new activities. Things are bit different for us this time around and seeing new people and trying new things. It’s fun when they do new activities! I love that exploration for ALL of us!

Ending with some new pix…. fun pix of the kids and all their silly faces…. Of course takes 100 shots to get one good one : ) And then a few of D’s latest art class creations.

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