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Karate Kid

What a fun day… To start we woke to a beautiful winter wonderland this morning. There was a good 5-6 inches of the first snow fall on the ground and we took full advantage. Dug out the snow pants and boots and headed to the snow hill for some sledding! What a blast. The kids were flying down that hill on their own. K did such an awesome job of climbing up and down that hill himself and flinging himself down… screamin’ all the way! It was so fun to see. This is definitly the first year he’s enjoyed it that much! D is not quite at that full enjoyment period yet = ) … She certainly enjoyed me flingin’ her down the mountain on her sled… but at the bottom she’d yell for me to come down and get her sled. Whoa is about all I can say on that one. Belly is growing quite a bit, and baby is active, so up and down that mountain as much as I did today was quite a bit more exercise than I’ve had in a bit! But fun nonetheless. It was a really nice day till that wind picked up and it started to snow again!!!

We headed home for some lunch and later in the afternoon, K had his yellow-stripe belt test at karate today! He was just SO excited it’s impossible to even describe. He was wonderful in class today and just beaming when they handed him that belt. He is very proud of his accomplishments, as are we all. One of those teary parent moments = )

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