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Kairya Dorong


Life’s been so busy here, and yet in ‘peace only’.

That’s always a blessing isn’t it? I reflect on where I last left off and we had just celebrated K’s 8th birthday. It’s sureal how much he has grown both physically and mentally over the last 6-ish months. There have been tremendous changes and I’m thrilled to say that much of the emotional rollercoaster that we were riding along with him has seemed to be slowing down, if not to a halt. There have been far (far) fewer emotional bursts that it’s felt quite pleasant and joyful hanging out with this amazing little man. He’s a joy and a wonder. I’m so proud and honored to be able to share life with him on a daily basis.

We are our first check up with our new midwife towards the end of March (and yet another visit just yesterday). The first visit went quite well, aside from her not being able to track a heartbeat! Little buggar was running for sure and gave her a run for her money. After about 5 or more minutes of playing hide and seek she asked if she should keep looking. I was feeling pretty great and did not feel it was totally necessary to actually hear a heartbeat. And wouldn’t you know it, just a week and half later, over Easter weekend I felt the baby for the first time! Very exciting. This one is very active and much earlier than I felt the others during pregnancy. Just yesterday we had our recent visit and this time we found a heartbeat. That was super fun, reassuring and just plain joyful. We have our 20 week ultrasound is just under two weeks away and I’m really excited. On the one hand I can’t believe it’s already been 20 weeks and complete flip, I can’t believe I have 20 weeks more : )

Aside from the typical classes and such keeping us busy, K had his Princess Bride Show. Three full performances and he did such a fabulous job. He really thrived during that class. Not only in the acting department, but the social as well. He met some new people and developed some new friendships and I am so proud of all that he accomplished. He worked really hard and felt really comfortable in all that he did. It took me so long to post pix and videos to Facebook, I will have to take the time to get them up here as well. The show was fabulous and everyone did phenominal.

So let’s see, since Princess Bride ended, K’s started up natural science classes at Emily Oaks and really seems to enjoy it quite a bit. He’s got that going and a game club till the start of summer. D’s still finishing up the girl scouts session as well as two gymnastics classes, and next week starts a shorter stint clay class. All of this will be over by the end of May. And Mr. S is finishing up his lovely music class with Ms. Leah. He just loves his music class and we are really enjoying these last few weeks of class. Other than that, we have a park day on Thursdays and other random classes that we have thrown in here and there. I am feeling pretty ready for summer to come along and for us to have everything yet nothing to do. I’m feeling that hoarding feeling of family time now. I remember feeling this during the end of S’s pregnancy. The overwhelming feeling that things are about to change drastically for all and just wanting to cherrish this time right before. Not over-booking ourselves (as I feel we kinda are right now) and just cherrishing the simple times of being together. It’s all positive just a strong longing and desire to cherrish this before it changes. It is going to be a lovely summer of beaches and pools, and working our new garden at Grandpa’s house! I am looking forward to it!

Recently, D’s feeling changes a ton too. She seems to have picked up K’s emotional rollercoaster where he left off : ) Her 6th b-day is coming around the corner and she’s going through some woes of her own. Lot’s of lost teeth and an energy that can not be harnessed in any way, shape or form. She’s discovering lots of things socially she’s not too sure where she fits in to the mix and that’s a challenge as well. I feel she wants to be doing more than she is currently capable of and that’s causing frustrations for her as well. It’s been interesing to say the least. She is an amazing being. Recently we attended this annual Reptile Fest downtown and as cool as it was, I was more than happy just looking from afar. Ms. D walked straight up to several critters and held them without qualms. It was remarkable. (Yes, the pic above his her taking a snake in her own bare hands…. Yipes!) She had a blast. We all did for that matter, but all in our own ways : )

We just celebrated Grandpa’s and Grandma’s birthdays. We took each out for a special birthday meal and that was fun to see them each. With G’pa we also saw the new movie, How to Train Your Dragon and that was just incredibly good. G’pa treated us to a 3-D show and that was very fun. S even sat through the entire show! Remarkable. I also had the privelege of seeing a “grown-up” movie in the theater just last weekend as I took the au pairs to the local theater for our monthly meeting. We saw Date Night and I have to say it was incredibly, roll-on-the-floor-in-laughter funny! It was so hilarious. A must see in my book.

Probably the biggest change this month has been our families conversion to vegetarian/veganism. It’s something I’ve been on the verge of doing for myself and recently saw the movie Food Inc…. and…. yipes. That just pushed be over the edge. After having SBJ watch it as well, he was onboard with the idea and we took the plunge. Vegetarian was easy, and our family has been eating quite healthy since. Even better than before, and I thought we were all farely healthy before. But it’s been better recently. I’m working on the vegan portion as dairy is imbeded in just about everything, and the kids have some staple stuff that they just really love. I want this to feel like something they have gained and not something that has been taken away. Likewise, I don’t anticpate them being “hard core” about it either. If we are out at Subway and they want a turkey sandwich… so be it. This is not a personal, moral decision they can make just yet in their lives, but my hope is that I’m laying a strong foundation of really healthy eating choices in their lives. When I prepare at their food at home it is mostly vegan and at the very least vegetarian, and that makes me feel really good.

Anyway, what I have noticed is subtle changes. It’s still really early and this feels new to me in the way of meal preparation, but everyone has been really happy an satisfied with meals that have come to the table. That’s thrilling. But some of the very subtle changes that seem to be surfacing are the kids cravings and K’s allergies. He does not seem to be as affected lately, and them trees are still bloomin’ so I know we are not out of the woods yet. But he seems to be feeling and appearing less affected. Not totally better, but less affected. D’s habit of asking for chocolate 10 times a day has subsided as well. In fact, today, I noticed that she had not asked but once. We were in the grocery check-out and she did ask (as it was in front of her face), but when I suggested fruity Mentos instead she was totally ok with that. That would not have necessarily happened before, and I had always in the back of my mind, questioned whether she was getting the protein that she really needed for her high-energy body. I had done some reading that the craving of chocolate or sweets could potentially be linked to the lack of protein in a diet. And because she is so high-energy, I wondered if that could possibly be a playing factor. Now… eating so many more veggies in the day, on top of all of the tofu and beans that they have been very willing to try (and even enjoy eating!!) , she is getting so much more for herself and is maybe, finally heading to a more balanced self!?

Oh, time will tell on these premature discoveries. What I do realize is that everyone in general is feeling pretty great. And I am so thrilled they are onboard with “my” agenda. It’s an exciting adventure and I look forward to the point down the road where I can say we are completely vegan and thoroughly happy with the change.

Hmmm… so I feel I’ve gotten myself up-to-date, but also really need to committ to making entries more often. Shorter more frequent updates seems better to me than these long overdue ones (of which tend to be water-downed versions of things going on). I have found that Facebook is far too much of an diversion from my blog and that’s not necessarily a good thing. I don’t know that I can step away from Scrabble, but I am going to attempt to spend more time here than there!

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