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Welcome to KAABILO!

Welcome to KAABILO!

What was formerly known as
Amy and Jen Collective Workshops (AJCW) is now:


KAABILO in the indigenous language Mandinka originating from The Gambia, West Africa means “Village.” As AJCW began, and has grown over the years, it has truly become our Chicagoland homeschool, unschool, life-learning village. Welcome to the village!

KAABILO offers activities, classes, and social opportunities for our children, tweens, teens *and* adults! We are homeschoolers unschoolers, life-learners (and everywhere in between) who believe in the power of interest-based learning.  We believe in learning through living.  Children, youth and adults are naturally curious and highly motivated to learn about things that interest them, that they have questions about, and that they want to master.  Kaabilo supports a community of learners in which children, tweens, teens and adults engage in activities that are meaningful, challenging, fun, and connected to real life.

Kaabilo is a secular community where all faiths, diversity, cultures and experiences are welcomed.  We are committed to respectful relationships with those whose life experiences are diverse and expect the same of all participants.

Kaabilo was intentionally created to be a caring collective homeschooling community in which children and adults feel safe, accepted, and treated with deep respect.  Relationships and reasoning (rather than power or position) are what allow Kaabilo to work as it does. We trust in children and adults’ ability to work together for our common good and to actively participate in how our community functions.

There isn’t a list of rules and consequences at Kaabilo. We hope and expect that everyone will strive to be safe, kind, helpful, and respectful to one another. We hope and expect that everyone will work to create a caring community in which we do our best to cooperate, communicate and resolve conflicts peacefully. We hope that people’s actions are based not on a set of rules, but on the shared values of being safe, kind, helpful, and respectful to one another and respectful of the facilities we use. In all of our activities, we hope children and youth will feel safe, challenged and supported by committed adults.

How to be involved with Kaabilo?
We have a Facebook page where all classes, workshops, field trips and more will be listed. Go there and “like” Kaabilo to stay connected in that way: https://www.facebook.com/pages/kaabilo

We also have a yahoo group where participants of current classes get their weekly updates from facilitators, but also new and future members can get connected and stay updated: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/kaabilo

And finally, all workshops and happenings are regularly updated at: www.nakitababy.com. Subscribe at the website to get updates as they are posted. Or check back under the “homeschool” and “kaabilo” tabs.

Fees T
here are no “joiner” fees. Fees to participate are all set by facilitators of those specific classes or workshops, and registration happens directly with them. Field trips and other activities will simply be based on individual/group rates as they arise. Details will always be included with new opportunity announcements. Be sure to subscribe to each of the above ways to receive announcements as they develop.

Kaabilo Organizer
Questions or support:
Amy Jarjusey

Where We Meet
We are not affiliated with, but rent our space from the:
Ethical Humanist Society
7574 N. Lincoln Ave.
Skokie, IL 60077
(All classes are hosted in this location.)

When We Meet
We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays for all day fun! Class schedules are set prior each session. There are five 6-week sessions in the academic year. Summers are off. Stay connected through our website, yahoo group and Facebook page to find out about the current and future sessions!



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