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Jani Potoo Parties

Jani Potoo Parties

Jani Potoo Parties We are the newest most innovative party entertainment for your children’s parties! Polymer clay miniatures, jewelry, collectibles and trading charms. We come in for an hour and a half, walk through one guided project with your party guests, and then help them with one project of choice. We will set the clay creations and package them in adorable gift bags for you and your guests to bring home with them. Do you have an art or craft loving child? Do they love collecting and trading with friends? Are they interested in Shopkins, Pokémon, Mario, Avengers, Superheroes, Kawaii, Hello Kitty and more? We will help them create their favorite characters, hobby or interest charms, which they can keep as a miniature collectibles, turn into a charm for a necklace or bracelet, create a barrette for hair decoration, and/or attach to a dust cover for their smartphones!!! The ideas and options are endless!
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Due to the fine motor skills needed to create such miniature creations, Jani Potoo Parties are best suited for children over the ages of seven years old. A single guided project (of the party host choosing) will be done with all of the guests, and then there will be time for a second project in which each guest may choose their own. If you were hoping to do this with children in the 4-6 year old range then more simple projects will be selected and both projects will be pre-selected and guided all the way from start to finish.

Jani Potoo Parties provides all supplies and materials. The only thing needed of the host is either an oven for baking *or* and electrical outlet for our portable oven unit. Jani Potoo partners come in and spends 15-20 minutes on set up and preliminary instructions with your party guests, and then 45-50 minutes on projects providing each guest attention to complete at least two take home projects. The remaining scheduled time is without the party guests (so do plan your party accordingly). Jani Potoo spends the rest of the time on clean up, baking or setting of the clay items, and packaging in cute gift bags for guests to take home.

* A party for up to five participating party guests is $175 total (includes supplies, instruction, set, clean-up and packaging).
* A party for up to ten participating party guests is $250 total (includes supplies, instruction, set, clean-up and packaging).
* In either case, there is a $18 charge per additional party guest.
* If the party location is more than 15 miles from the Jani Potoo home office then there will be an additional $20 surcharge added to your total.
* A $50 *non-refundable* booking fee is a minimum requirement for booking your party (see reservation form below).
* Your party balance may be paid in cash or credit card (via paypal) only at the close of Jani Potoo’s time at your party. Absolutely *no personal checks accepted.*

Additional questions prior to booking your reservation may be addressed through: mommy@nakitababy.com.

A rolling portfolio of possibilities, parties, and more is listed below the reservation form on this page. And follow us on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/jpparties

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