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Jani Potoo

Have you met this amazing girl?
If not…. you are surely missing out. She’s this fabulous 11 year old who is sweet, caring, energetic, full of life, creative, and has one super-amazing-talent….. She can create life-like miniature clay foods that will knock your socks off. She’s been practicing/ perfecting this art for about 3 years now, and I have say in the time I have seen her grown, her talent has exploded. She’s participated in art shows, craft fairs, the Made in Chicago Fair. She hosts a YouTube channel, InstagramTwitter and Facebook page. She has created things for people from all over the world. She teaches classes, and is currently hosting this super fun give away contest on her Facebook page for reaching over 100 likes (you really should pop on over there and check it out!!!). She also hosts a shop here at Nakita Baby. And the most exciting thing for her that has happened as of late has been that a fellow YouTuber that she follows has done a package opening video on her channel providing her some really amazing accolades. She’s over the moon beaming….. and…. by the way….. she’s may amazing daughter D.

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