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It’s a Boy!!!

So, once again a long haitus since I have written. I spent much of April giving the kids 110% with the anticipation of the arrival of little peanut. I was so sure he would come early too! Instead…. one day late. What can I say, all on his own time. But what a fantastic labor and delivery. I hate to say it was “easy”, I mean… dare I say? But it was SO much different than the other two, and it went by very very quickly.

It was about 4am on May 1st that contractions started. This time I knew it was not the ‘fake-me-out’ kinda labor pains. This was it…. however not in any regular patterns off the bat. It wasn’t till about 6am that 10-11 min. contractions started regularly and we were well on our way…. with in an hour we were down to 5-7 min. apart with a random 3min. or 10 min. thrown in there. But progressing pretty well. I actually had nice breaks between the contractions where I actually wondered if this was really it.

It was about 7:30a when I called mom to let her know, “this is it”… I bathed the kids and myself, and let them know today was the day! It was bout 8:30a that I spoke with one of the midwives and she said to come in whenever I felt the need to. It was about that time that I called my brother to come by in the next hour or so and we’d see how things were going. By about 10a, dad came with SBJ, whom he had picked up from work and driven home. And around that time Uncle P showed as well. And all about that time I was getting really worried that maybe this thing was stopping! YIKES!

Fortunately with three adults home for the kids, I could now concentrate on getting things going for me and baby. I did stairs…. nothing. Walked a ton…. nothing. So I tried crouching over the side of the bed. Knees on floor and leaning forward over the bed with a rocking motion…. AH HA! This did it! 5 min. apart for a good hour and I was sure it was time to get going to the hospital.

Called mom to tell her we were on our way. Called the midwife to let her know the same. By the time we got in the car and on the way, we dropped to 3-4 min. apart. When we arrived… man the L&D ward was hopping! We got the very last room available in there!
Nurse Tina walked in just as we did and were so BLESSED to have her assist with the birth. Debbie came in to check on me and low and behold… I was 7-8 cm. along, completely effaced, and baby was nearly at 0. (Frankly, I had been bracing myself for far worse b/c the labor just really did not seem “that bad”…. )

Well…. speak too soon? Yes, I guess in so many words I did b/c that last 1.5 hours was by far the biggest, loudest moment of the entire process. We have some funny pic’s of the kids covering their ears. = ) But with in an hour and half of arriving, getting checked, getting on a birthing ball, and pushing…. little boy was born into this world! Big brother and big sister experienced the entire process, and we as a family were home that evening with an “as immediate as possible” discharge. Nonetheless, we were home by 9p that evening, all snuggled together in bed!

What a day!

Mr. S
Born Thursday, May 1st, 2008 at 1:21pm
9 lbs. 1 oz. and 20.5 in. long
What a beautiful boy! We are just all so blessed!

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