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Is it just me? – Nakita Baby
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Is it just me?

I often wonder if the wacky things I do tend to be ‘just me’ or if other moms do it too? One of my big ones…. and I always wonder how other moms deal with this one is…. the love of the silence of night. Now… often with five kids, and work, and SBJ’s crazy schedule which often has me looking like a single parent, but really we are just ships passing most of the time… people often ask me when I ever get time for myself? Truthfully, I don’t all that often. I don’t have the luxury of time really to even find the time. I don’t have the excuse of sitters or what-not anymore. K and D have really stepped up to bat on that front. They are so uber-capable that I can even leave baby with them for short periods of time. It’s the life of managing a home of seven that keeps me from it. I have no excuse but that alone. What I do cherish more than anything is the nightly hours. Even though I find myself prying my sleepy eyes open to enjoy it all, it feels so very worth it in the end. The time when I can lay in my soft cozy bed and turn on some mindless Netflix flick and sit in the darkness, listening to the varying sleep patterns of my wee-ones. There is truly nothing more rejuvenating for me than those moments. So much so that after three episodes of Gilmore Girls, and answering whatever emails I can from my phone at 1:30 in-the-morning!!!!…. it all seems like I will be a better mother for it. Of course, if I could then magically have that ever-so-needed eight hours of sleep on top it, I’m sure that’d be icing on the cake. But I’ll take what I can get in the mere 24 hours of one day. What ever do other mothers do to find that moment in time where their brain does not have to solve something for everyone else at any other moment of a given day? Inquiring mom wants to know!!! What do you do to rejuvenate your (self) being??

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