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International Pen Pal Group

This is a group organized to correspond around the world and back! I am a returned U. S. Peace Corps Volunteer. I served in The Gambia, West Africa from July 1997 through December 1999. During this time I participated in this amazing program called the World Wise Scools. I spent a long time corresponding with my own third grade teacher and her class back in the States. In fact, this was her last year before retirement and this made the correspondence even more special. Because of the impact it had on the kids in The Gambia, I felt it would be a great thing to do with my kids here in the States. I approached WWS to see if they would match us as a homeschool group and they obliged. This was about a year back, and since we have matched with a PCV in The Gambia, West Africa, as well as three others working and living in Morocco, Armenia, and Mongolia. It’s been a fabulous opportunity for us to exchange with these great PCV’s and the kids in their schools and their communities.

If you’d like to participate as well, please contact me with any inquiries. This is a very open and casual group. We gather once we have received packages from overseas. You can stop in any time and participate as much as your family would like.

Questions? Drop me a note.

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