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Insomnia – Nakita Baby
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Used to be such a foreign word to me. I’d hear other women, or rather see their late-night posts on  Faceboook about this rare inability to sleep despite exhaustion. I always wondered what on earth that could be like? I mean, I am SO tired at the end of a day I have absolutely no issues sleeping. A freight train could run by and I’d still be zzzzzz-ing along. (Of course if a child sniffled I’d hear it three rooms away.)

And yet….. here I sit for at least the 3rd or 4th night this week with this rare thing I’ve heard referred to as “insomnia.” Ah….. ok, I get it now. No more wondering needed. Please return me back to my regularly scheduled sleeping patterns…. QUICK…. before I become that mom on Facebook talking about this completely undesirable phenomena. (I promise I understand fully now!)




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