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Welcome to it. K brought home some lovely somethin’-somethin’ from a class his in, I’m presuming. He had been complaining of a headache and sore throat, but nothing every really developed in a day or two. Then a week went by and he complained of the same and he had a slight fever, around 101. Cold med’s that night were the Rx of choice, and was good-to-go the very next day. Said he was feeling much better. Well…. w/in 24 hrs of that S mentions he’s not feeling so hot. He looked physically drained and just outta commission. Same Rx for him that night and he was good-to-go the next day. About a day or two goes by and D wakes in the night with this flamin’ hot fever of 103.8. I kinda freaked. Something about a high fever, your own child, middle of the night, hubby away at work, and 3 other kids around…. yea I will admit to freak-mode. So, that fever came and went for at least 24 hours before she was feeling any better at all. In fact, ironically, “feeling better” means the fever quite and a mild cold came on. The cold is so much better than that freakin’ fever I tell ya. She’s on the mends… total recoop time about 2.5 days. Not too bad. Except…. yea, you guessed it… M wakes with fever this AM. Talk about mama freak mode even more. Treated her with acetaminophen and she’s been doing some great sleeping, fever down. I leave everyone with SBJ, when he returned from work this AM, and head to Whole Foods and CVS for vitamins and such. Return home…. K has a 102.4 fever. UGH! Seriously!? S is the last man standing. I do hope he either never gets the fever thing at all, or gets it with in the next 24 hours so that we can be rid of this thing once and for all. Of course, a post to FB lends me to find out that this “thing going around” was brought to drama class just a week or slightly more before. Consists of headaches (check), sore throat (check), and fever (check). Lucky us.

I am thrilled its short-lived, but having 4 lil’ ones makes it feel like we’ve been dealing with this for an eternity. None of us out much at all… if at all. Talk about cabin fever!! Yipes. On the flip side though…. things like that make me want to hibernate even more just to keep them healthy! ; ) Yea, really realistic, I know. But, ugh…. things like this take a week or 2 or more outta your life’s routine. Oh, yea…. look at the bright side, right? Ok…. lets see…. Brightside. Hmmmm…. OH, ok, I’ve got one…. If I were motivated enough, I’d be getting a ton of stuff done around the house. But since I’m over the top exhausted running a 24 hr/round the clock infirmary, I’m just pooped. Have gotten a lot of one-on-one play time with each at various times. That’s been good. But just as everyone is feeing, cabin fever mode and then lack of energy and umph kick in. It will be nice to get outta here sooner vs. later. I’m aiming for reentry into the world by weekend’s end! (Really no exceptions there : )

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