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Ignorance is bliss??? – Nakita Baby
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Ignorance is bliss???

blog 6

So….. THIS appears on my FB feed this morning.


I am stumped and dumbfounded. If you do not already know my standing….. please do feel free to visit HERE to be enlightened on the innards of my brain’s workings.

When I begin to read this post, I am first shocked…. shocked that this person’s one and only interpretation of the major racial issues in this country is that any white person who believes this phrase is simply a racist. I am then feeling the hostility that emanates from her post and realize that she is indeed one of the folks taking this “fight against” racism, hatred and inequality to heart and raging with anger against the injustices….. and then………….

I see her hash tag. Uhhhhhmmmm……. Excuse me? Are you somehow so self-righteous and enlightened and then the rest of us have no clue? Where is the ignorance lying at this point? Does one not see that calling people racists and assholes is…. indeed a reflection of *your* true virtue? Let’s take a look in the mirror…. Let’s enlighten ourselves…. Let’s enter this with an empowering and strengthening chance to stand FOR equality and betterment of the minority races in this country….. Instead of, in turn, being a racist and bigot ourselves…. simply to make a point.

But you know what’s worse???
See how many likes she has at the point that I took the screen shot??? (She likely has more by this point in time…. I won’t dare go back to the post at this point.) I won’t even go into the comments either. They were having a hay-day with someone who felt all lives matter was important. They (the commenters) spent a great deal of time chastising and ridiculing…. It was quite sad. And it was at that point I decided it was not worth posting my stand for they were pretty hardcore, knee-deep in the fight. They were raging. They were so beside themselves in the posts it was truly sad…. beyond sad. The kind of sad that brings despair. I needed to remember that is the type of despair is what indeed brings about this fight raging through our nation. *I want exactly what they want (in the end all).* I just truly need to get about it in a far different manner than which folks are going about it. I don’t need to be the one constantly hitting my head against the wall and wondering why the same actions don’t work. I need to be among the few to use the stand FOR to push past and move TOWARDS the place of equality that so desperately needs to exist within our country.

#blacklivesmatter   ******AND*****  #alllivesmatter





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