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HYSL Tournament!

This Saturday is a tournament! This is our very first (ever) travel tournament!
The Far North Region (orange) will be hosting all of us Saturday, April 27th at 10amMaurice A Noll Park, 1100 Thomas Blvd, Mundelein, IL. (

http://www.mapquest.com/?q2=265710843+type:mqid This is a residential area, not a forest preserve!)
See you promptly at 10am for the games to begin!
Tournaments are a BUSY time for all coaches. We are in GREAT need of parents to help out on the sidelines with time keeping, calling a ball out, or however else they feel comfortable helping. If you feel you can referee a game, you are hired!!! Coaches need to spend their time and attention on the kids on the fields. So any assistance you can provide is extremely helpful. Please email me directly if you think you can help out: mommy@nakitababy.com.
Parents: As usual, be on hand for you children as they will need water or snacks. Please be sure they are in shin guards, cleats (TIED!!!), and their team jersey. Dress for the weather! Help them be where they need to be when.
** Please check your email before you leave the house (in case of weather changes). Any updates or rescheduling will be done by or before 7:30AM on Saturday.
Coaches: Please warm your teams up early. Be prompt and run games on time so that other teams will also get to the fields for their games. Remember everyone is dependent on everyone else. Kids are eager to play, and it is necessary to be timely to give children all of their needed time on the fields.
Thanks much!!! See you Saturday!!!

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