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Welcome – Nakita Baby
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Welcome to Nakita Baby where you will come to cherish the journey of the super interesting characters of the Jarjusey family. Nakita Baby began years and years ago when I was a first time mama and wanted to document our homeschooling and family journeys. Over the years this beautiful catch-all has become the home to some truly amazing experiences, projects, reflections, and more.

Among the pages here you will learn about our radical unschooling /world schooling adventures, our parenting choices, parental and child reflections on life, projects of creations such as the Unschoolers Platform, Saikouba Entertainment, Jani Potoo (and her parties) and CM Jaloo…. our amazing youngest little rock star.

Bottom line… you’ll find truth and honesty in its rarest form. We love to learn and learn to love, better and better, on a daily basis. We are proud to share our abundant journey and we hope you enjoy sharing it right along with us.

Thanks for stopping by! We cherish your presences here and appreciate you taking the time to get to know us better!

Cast of Characters

AMY-MEAmy, aka mama bear. Super in love with her amazing crew.
Loves to travel, passionate about radical/ un/world/ schooling (though constantly deschooling herself). She loves arts and crafts of massive arrays and feels especially at home on a beach… though the woods has mystical speak-power over her as well. You’ll likely find her gazing over a sunset or starring up at a moon…. over a bonfire or on a beach front always welcomed.

Seringe2-blogSeringe…. native of the The Gambia and has lived here for nearly 17 years now…. since Amy met and married him (while there in the U.S. Peace Corps) and dragged him to the States. While currently doing the daily grind in retail management Seringe finds much passion in world affairs, sports and music of various genres/cultures. He’s pretty much everyone’s best bud.


Kaidin, now fifteen years old, is an avid filmmaker in various other genres with big plans for his future. Among filmmaking, writing, travel and photography hit high on his lists of interests (among a great sleep and super great laugh)!!! Enjoy his amazing travel photography on Instagram @kaidinsj !


Dahlia is an artist through and through. At just thirteen years old she has a miniature clay business where she creates and sells miniature clay foods and collectibles for dollhouses and avid collectors. She also creates charm necklaces, cell phone accessories, and hair clips as well. (You’ll find her passion through out the pages as “Jani Potoo” which means ‘clay baker’ in her dad’s native tongue.) Aside from her passion for art, she loves swimming (on a team), beaches, soccer, cooking and baking, and hanging with friends. She is also avid interest in Japanese art and culture.


Shea is the nine year old electrician and the “how”, “what”, “where” man. He has a question for everything and needs to be in the know. He loves to dismantle things to know how they work, and loves to create and build from imaginative constructs. If he thinks it, he wants to see it…. bottom line. He also love Taekwondo, soccer, fishing and travel. He is an adventurer through and through.


Maeve is our six and half year old dancer, do-er, mover, shaker, and painter. If she is awake, she does not like to be still. “No sense in having nothing to do,” in her mind. Her hands (and body) are constantly in motion, and that’s where she’s happiest. She has one of the most infectious laughs you will ever hear. It’s impossible not to pee your pants when around her sweet boisterous giggle.


Chyler at just two and a half years old is also a mover and shaker along with her cohort. Music moves her sole through and through. She somehow knows the words to just about any song that plays. And she has the choreographed routine to match it. She is the sweetest, cuddliest little bug ever. A love of dresses and ‘sparkaby’ shoes… You’ll find much of her love on the CM Jaloo page (also among Instgram and Facebook outlets as well). (Enjoy! 🙂 )



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