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The holidays have us B.U.S.Y!

It’s been so awesome though. The end of Kaabilo for the time being was bitter sweet. I looked around the room and realized…. none of these folks had been there from the get-go. No one truly knows what it was like 5 year ago, how far it had come and just how bitter sweet this break is for our family. It was a memorably odd day in that I kept feeling quite nostalgic but not truly able to express. For many other folks, it was just another day in their lives. The day rolled on and as I inched closer to clean up and lock down time, it began to truly hit just how much this was going to change the flow of our lives.

Apparentely M felt it too…. she had a stomach ache that day. But like MANY days, she has a stomach ache unclear about whether she is hungry, tired, bored, or needs to poop. Did not think much about it. No fever, nothing. Well…. till about 2pm that day. Literally moments before clean up, she let it ALL go. Right there on the lobby floor. Poor thing puked her brains out. Then was totally fine. It dawned on me at that point in time that none of my kids, in the five years that we had run collective, had ever been sick on the day of collective day! I can’t recall ever needing to stay home or needing to skip on the account of sick. And here, at the stroke of the last hour, M pukes on the floor. Quite ironic, eh?

Well this 1-puke stomach bug ran it’s course through the littles. All puked once and then were completely fine. D and K seemed to escape the worst of the wrath, but felt a little stomach something for a short bit and recovered quickly. The next week was greeted with mass hysteria as K was invited to join a tech crew for a local homeschool theater group. Totally awesome experience for him…. just needed to scramble and grapple with that week’s schedule.

Things have since tapered off and we have geared up to enjoy the holiday season. Revisiting traditions, the kids spent a day with G’pa at Nickel City with a dinner out. They just went to G’ma’s for their annual cookie baking yesterday. We have also created some newer traditions which were a hit….. Gingerbread house making:



Brunch out at our favorite Le Peep (we don’t eat out all that often and especially not all of us at once at Le Peep) ….. this was so much fun:



And this evening we had the most enjoyable. Finding the incredibly decorated houses of Sauganash. We drove over to Dunkin Donuts, grabbed a scoop of everyone’s favorite ice cream and set off to find the lights. This year, totally successful. Had a blast! The kids enjoyed taking pics and seeking out all of the amazing details of some of these homes. It was so very special.




















Once we returned home, it was consensus that xmas should begin this evening. They received a very special package from their Aunt, Uncle and cousin in CA and were dying to open it. They LOVED all of the gifts inside and just had a blast! (I LOVE the extension of the holiday! It should not just be about one given day!!!)

xmas7 xmas3 xmas4












We have received many more cards in the mail this year. Seemed like last year folks had kind of given up on the tradition, and this year it’s being revived. It’s a pleasure to receive such sweet greetings from folks. Really, really nice.

I’m SO looking forward to xmas with the kids. We have our traditional xmas eve where we will make homemade pizzas, enjoy a family movie together, and exchange all of the homemade gifts we have made each other. Christmas day we open Santa’s gifts and then enjoy a cooperatively prepared brunch together. A very sweet, warm and magical time. I’m excited!

Here’s wishing you all a very merry one!!!! May it be filled with love and light!



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